Bell Mobility offering HTC Touch with unlimited data plan


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May 5, 2005
Not sure if this was posted before but I just read on another forum that Bell Mobility is offering the HTC Touch for $399 but the more important thing is that they are offering unlimited data for $7. I'm not sure but I think the $7 unlimited data applies to all the phones... not just the Touch.

Unlimited data is unheard of in Canada at this price esp. with Rogers. Telus has recently started to come up with something similar ($15 instead of 7) so ask about it if you are a Telus customer.

As a comparison, Rogers is offering 500mb for $80 dollars.

Here's the details:

Too bad my N95 is stuck with Rogers.... otherwise I would have switched a while ago.

Chicken Warrior

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Apr 18, 2007
Actually, it's a pretty standard price for select phones. The catch is that the Touch is (according to other service providers) a smartphone, therefore requiring heftier data plans. Proof that they could have always been WAY cheaper if they'd wanted to make them that way.