Believer or not, your epitome of desire, is to be named the Greatest I am.

French Patriot

Council Member
Sep 17, 2012
Believer or not, your epitome of desire, is to be named the Greatest I am.

Religions are tribes. So are the various non-believing tribes.

Tribal leaders and shaman are the ones to be emulated by all of us so that we might become better than they are and depose them.

It’s like Jesus ascending and retiring God by taking the righthand judges’ seat. Jesus, in effect; deposed his father. As things should be in a hierarchical progressive species like ours.

Leaders and shaman are the only ones who can claim being Greatest I am at any given point in time.

Religiously speaking, we want to and are encouraged by scriptures to try to emulate whatever we think of as God. God’s best-known speaker is analogically, Greatest I am.

Individually speaking, even you were born, instinctively speaking; thinking you were the fittest of your genetic line. In that sense, your ultimate raison d'être and dream, even if you can come up with some other analogy in religious terms; is you want to be known as the greatest at something, including God.

Upon birth, your first thought was, I am.

Your second thought was, where is the Greatest I am so that I might be his friend, and depose him with better justice?

Who are the fittest you are now to compete with, to prove your fitness, is your next enlightenment.

This is all of us seeking idols to emulate and depose the current icon in our chosen competitions.

Jesus asks us to idolize ourselves, loosely of course, by asking us in scriptures, “have ye forgotten that ye are Gods?”

I have not given up my spiritual, religious, or political efforts to be seen as the greatest at something.

I am not Jesus, but I am curious. Have you given up on your religious birth rite to be a god?

That would disappoint Jesus.

Have you given up your genetic birth rite to be the fittest and excel in some field?

That would disappoint your ancestors. They came from nature and nature demonstrably creates for the best possible end.

I see it as a shame when someone stops competing to be the greatest at something.