Anti-Masker to remain detained in order to be heard at length in court

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May 20, 2007
1967 World's Fair
As an anti-masker, I agree that a business has a right to request someone wear a mask to enter. However, no business or establishment could ever force anyone to wear a mask against their will. They can refuse you entry, but cannot physically force you to wear a mask. Doing so would be a gross violation of an individual’s civil rights, and you can have them arrested for assault. As a result, the court had no choice but to allow this fellow into the courthouse without a mask. They cannot deny him his day in court by refusing him entry into the building merely because he won’t ever wear a mask. Denying him entry into the courthouse without a trial would require his automatic acquittal.
When Amalega Bitondo refused to wear a mask for his trial on Tuesday, he was arrested and the municipal court spent the following two days sorting out how to deal with his stance.

On Friday, he was allowed to sit in the same courtroom, without a mask, as long as he respected social distancing measures. They were easy to follow because his movements were limited to a tiny prisoner’s dock.

Anti-Masker detained