5g and corona


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Oct 26, 2009
A man wearing a face mask during an outbreak of coronavirus disease walks past a graffiti that reads "STOP 5G" in London April 8, 2020. (REUTERS/Russell Boyce)
The coronavirus pandemic has brought the conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork.
The latest is that the new 5G cell phone network is being used to spread COVID-19, with tower signals lowering the immune systems of people living nearby. Lower immune systems, the theory goes, means the chance of contracting the coronavirus goes up.
There’s no scientific evidence this is happening and the radiation levels have been deemed safe but that hasn’t stopped some of these conspiracy nuts from taking action, including one in the West Midlands of England who allegedly set a cell tower alight earlier this week.
Only problem was that it was actually a 4G tower, not 5G. The burning Vodaphone mast in Solihull was the second set alight in the area.
“Conspiracy theorists are a public health danger who once read a Facebook page,” Dr. Michael Head, senior research fellow at the University of Southampton, told the Daily Mail. “Here, we also see similar groups of people keen to show their ignorance on a topic where they have no helpful expertise, nor any inclination to post useful public health messages.”
Given that these conspiracy theorists can’t tell the difference between a 5G tower and a 4G mast, the doctor’s words will likely fall on deaf ears.



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Dec 7, 2020
Really can't believe how 5G network can be used in the matter. I mean yes, the technology has some cons of its own, but 5G is more of a blessing for the people. At the age where people look to get Mediatek and Exynos powered 5G smartphones, these kind of misconceptions would surely downgrade the market.