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  • My apologies for not doing due diligence and checking all the forums before posting about Don Williams, Murphy.
    Irony. Isn't that an old Latin word for a foundry that makes irons?

    The Irony!

    The Moors attacked the village
    The Christians ran or died
    The smithy crushed and ruined
    As was their Latin pride

    And Rome was late in coming
    No swords to protect the throngs
    The Visigoths were slaughtered
    Though the knights arrived anon

    Their vestments mussed and wrinkled
    The knights of the Holy See
    The forge was gone! No flame did burn!
    Oh, the irony!
    Mounties clamouring for more! Dogs ladling through the other half. Politicians will, it is reported. Mustache parts for sale. Vegan community appalled by cows dancing. Celibates fearful of Spanish Fly pandemic. Be Bop a Lula (I don't mean maybe). La merde aux yeux, cowlips! Anglais au verso...
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