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    More than 1.5 billion masks believed to have entered oceans in 2020

    This is a really number and though the oceans are huge, I don't think this was the right method to dump your waste. Such careless nature of human beings is the real cause of such issues and I think there must be some sanitation program that should be held after the pandemics is over. We cannot...
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    Watch are you streaming during the Covid?

    The lockdown is almost ended and you would be surprised to know that I Binge-watched FRIENDS twice this year, once in January and once in October. I don't know how many times I have watched all the episodes but I find it hilarious every time I watch it. This is like a guilty pleasure to me now.
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    Amazon Go!!

    This is actually quite good a technology for all those who hate waiting in queues are are too skeptical to enter crowded marketplaces. I think these technologies make Amazon the best brand in the world. I mean while being a third-party seller to all the brands in the world, it manufactures its...
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    Cool Inventions 🥶🥶

    They have not shown if people are able to walk on snow with this. But if this is good enough to provide enough friction on snow, I think this is a good invention. Doesn't appear so costly and can really save you from a bit of embarrassment that you might undergo while slipping on snow. Also, it...
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    'The worst president we have ever seen. Period'

    I see so many Americans spitting on the name of Trump and if the Americans hate him so much, who are the ones who voted for him? It's not like he brought some angels to vote for me 5 years ago. He became president only after people voted for him.
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    Wild dogs tear Russian beautician's face off

    Animals can sense it when you fear them and if you show the slightest intentions of running when a dog barks at you, you are in for a good trouble. May be these dogs were wild and they should have been controlled. However, shooting them down was simply not a solution. This was an unfortunate...
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    Britain leaves the European Union

    Britain was always skeptical of being a part of the European Union and we already saw this coming. I wonder what advantage they would gain out of this but Britain is surely a superpower and European Union may suffer some losses due to this.
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    Poll finds most Canadians want Huawei barred from the country's 5G networks

    This would be a wise decision unless yo know that even Huawei is using Mediatek chipsets instead of the in-house Kirin chipsets. The market of Mediatek has risen so much that it has defeated even Qualcomm and the way these smartphone brands are using the Mediatek chipsets, I am sure even the 5G...
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    Why did YouTube go down?

    In fact, the entire Google ecosystem went down and I was not even able to access the Google images. This shows how much importance does Google hold in our life and brands would have lost millions in this Google outage.
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    If You Truly Value Your Privacy, Read This.

    I know that a smartphone is an evil, but it is a necessary evil and even a normal feature phone could get you traced. So no point of GPS on or off because if your smartphone is switched on, you are traceable. I have heard some people saying that 5G would make things more secure and brands like...
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    End the Lockdown

    I agree to that. If not for yours, at least care about the life of your family members. This is not something that you can have and die in peace. In fact, it will infect those around you and would be a huge consequence. So it is better that we manage our work and everything from home and as far...
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    happy winter

    Every few years, a celestial event occurs that is said to occur only once in the life of some people and not even once for others. I wonder how many such incidents take place in the unreachable space and how many of them really matter in the human lives. BTW, enjoy the winters.
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    China says firmly opposes U.S. bill that could remove Chinese firms from U.S. exchanges

    China not allowing Facebook, Google and Whatsapp etc. is okay with it and if US tries to ban something, they would oppose the thing. Recently, China has just started thinking all about itself and I suspect spreading the deadly virus could be a part of their plan. Now they are free of the virus...
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    Mobile display to PC display?

    I hope I am not too late in answering this. Most of the smart devices like smart TVs and smartphones come with a Chromecast feature that can help you connect your smartphone to any other device and you can view all the content in the bigger device. My friend has this BLU gaming smartphone with...
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    Oh the screams, they are a amazing...

    Me and my friends call him the Sherlock Guy instead of his real name. His Sherlock series has been so amazing and as the Doctor Strange, he has done some magnificent work as well.