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    Bravest Soldier (Muslim Sengalese) in the UN Mission during Rwandan Genocide

    Captain Mbaye Diagne (?-31 May 1994) was a Senegalese Army officer and a United Nations military observer during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. He is credited withsaving many lives during his time in Rwanda through nearly continuous rescue missions at great peril to himself. A devout Muslim, Mbaye...
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    Taliban will take country in 2008. Iraq might be peaceful in 2008

    LONDON (Reuters) - The conflict in Afghanistan has reached "crisis proportions," with the resurgent Taliban present in more than half the country and closing in on Kabul, a report said on Wednesday. ADVERTISEMENT on error resume nextFor mp_i=11 To 6 Step -1If Not...
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    Military Guys will like this

    Here is a link to a music video of Minstrel Boy that details a tribute by a Youtube user to the two Delta soldiers who were killed in Battle of Mogadishu.
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    American Cattle Capitalists At it Again

    I see they are back at it again. Damn capitalists.
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    Accommodation Ethnique Québécoise

    Cette Investigation Royale tenue par le gouvernement de minorité Libéral Québécois inutile vient de prouver que la majorité de Quebecer parlant français est le raciste et le gouvernement de Québec soutient le racisme et le schisme de course et de religion entre lede citoyenneté Québécoise dans...
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    The Kind Of Guy You Meet Once In A Lifetime

    "A real-life Cool Hand Luke…" "The bravest of the brave…" "...the greatest man I have ever known..." These are the words of those who knew Capt. Mbaye Diagne, a young Senegalese army officer who served in Rwanda as an unarmed U.N. military observer. I have never heard another human being...
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    Since I was Banned from CC

    So since I was banned from CC< I think it was two or three times I have been banned now I have got a Bachelor's degree and i have gotten out of the military after eighteen months of service in the uniform and have switched over to being a security guard. So other then that I have been traveling...
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    Western Powers Support Abbas: Is it too Late?

    GAZA (Reuters) - Western powers rallied behind Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday after Hamas Islamists routed his forces in the Gaza Strip and began imposing a new order in the enclave after days of bloody civil war. ADVERTISEMENT var form_url =...
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    How are the lefty-peaceloving people doing

    So how are the lefty peacelovers doing after facing an onslaught by the neo-right who try to condem you as anti-peace when you hold peace marches and urge the end of the destruction of a country.
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    Hey how are the Conservatives-Fascists Doing

    What's up you conservative-fascist, slash anti-Muslim, anti-Multiculturalism, promoter of trying to ensure that Muslim canadians don't have the same rights or citizen privledges that someone from Britain may have. What else, how's your fight against gay-Marriage, Curtailing Religious freedoms...
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    Tamil Tigers

    it doesn't seem that alot of people like the Tamil Tigers. o what religion is the Tamil Tigers
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    Who do you trust

    So out of anyone with a faith. Out of other people with different faiths, who would you trust the most. For like Christian, would you trust a Christian or a Hindu. For Muslims, would you trust a Christian. I would trust a fellow Pagan, than a Muslim, than a Christian.
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    IDF forces are terrorists and murderers and nothing more

    The IDF as well as hezbollah are just f-ing murderers. The IDF is the only force to have targetted Canadians, they murdered U.N peacekeepers as well as innocent Lebanese civilians daily. So they are murderers, and that is all. Just scum of the Earth. As well as Hezbollah, who by the way have...
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    Guess Who's Back, Back Again jersay Back, To the Max

    Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Jersay's Back To the Max. Guess Who's back, Guess who's Back, Guess who's back, Guess who's Back.
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    Two Hours

    I have only two hours before i head to the airport. Its fun waiting.