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    Trudeau BLASTS Anti-vaxxers For Throwing Asphalt at Protest

    Must be.....He got 400 people in a room the other day, no social distancing, no masks etc......
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    Should Trudeau Be More Aggressive with Albertchewan?

    Yup.....What a great guy......yet.......
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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Where's her mask? Oh, that's right.....Rules don't apply to liberals
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    Daughter of 70-year-old who died awaiting emergency care says broken system killed her 'warrior' mom

    Fixed it for you.......:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Something to think about

    A little Trudeau history Written by David Smith History - Something to think about In 1940 a young Pierre, son of a wealthy Quebec gas station owner began his political activism supporting the Quebec wing of the Marxist movement. He later changed his allegiance, joining the Quebec wing of the...
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    Canada Passes New Regulations to Stop People Driving Without Headlights at Night

    That's been on the books forever. I got a ticket in the mid 80s for no headlights. I had parking lights on, but headlights were not on. Was in town and didn't notice.
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    I just voted..

    Why is that?
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    I just voted..

    Voted yesterday too. I voted for our local rep as he has done a good job last 2 terms. It just so happens that his party represents the closest to my values.
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    Note to Anti-Vaxxers

    Ban Disney and strip clubs....Problem solved.
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    Trudeau BLASTS Anti-vaxxers For Throwing Asphalt at Protest

    Hmmmmm....So, getting stuff thrown at you might get the sympathy vote?.....Brilliant
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    All pointy edges must be removed

    No need to ban the scissors, just ban running with them.....Problem solved
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    Use it or lose it.......

    Here is an interesting tidbit I just saw on FB......Take it for what it's worth. "We will also work with municipalities within this program...