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    650 Million For Women's Reproductive Rights

    What's this? I see the ads on tv for UNICEF and SAVE THE CHILDREN and they show pictures of starving kids. However the adults don't look starved. Women who keep having children to starve to death or like in the Congo, to work mining cobalt as young as 4 years old shouldn't have reproductive...
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    Peddling Religion

    For the second time I received a pamphlet in our mailbox advertising (?) Islam. It urges us to visit their specified website or their phone number to learn 'the Truth'. These Muslims seem to be taking over from the JWs. I haven't had a JW at my door for a couple of years! Is anybody else getting...
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    Bluegrass! YES! Can anybody listen to banjo music and NOT tap their toes?
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    Transgender Bathroom Rights?

    Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump's Blow To Transgender Rights Is A 'Disaster' | The Huffington Post I think everyone should do some critical thinking about this issue. Exactly what is it that transgenders feel uncomfortable with in using a washroom to match their genitals? 'Feeling like the opposite...
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    Sanctuary Cities

    What about it? Do you support sanctuary cities in Canada? I didn't even know Toronto and Hamilton were sanctuary cities. Now Winnipeg? Do we have that many undocumented immigrants (read 'illegal' immigrants) here? Winnipeg chapter calls on city council to support sanctuary city designation |...
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    Our Health Care Stinks!

    Canadians are sooooooo proud of their Health Care! Well maybe in some Provinces it is better but here in Ontario it is a disgrace. Three years ago my husband became paralyzed and almost died because he couldn't get a doctor to diagnose his illness. It took three month and a bitchy temper...
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    March For Life Women are marching today in a counter movement to last week's protest march. I'm not sure just now what point either side is trying to make. Are the women of last week afraid legal abortion will be outlawed? Are the women today wanting abortion outlawed...
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    Sanctions against Russia; should the Trump administration cancel them The trouble with sanction is, it does not hurt the elite. It is meant to hurt the country as a whole but that means that the common people are the ones who are hurt the most. I don't think sanctions against any country...
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    International Trade Deals

    Who profits from trade with other nations? I think the elite profit and the common people lose. I also think international trade drives prices up. Canada and the U.S. trade products that each country produces. So why not use our own products when we can and import only what we do not have...
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    Should U.S. Dictate Policies to Other Countries?

    On CNN tonight concerns were expressed that under the Trump Administration the U.S. would back away from defending human rights in other countries. The way I see it, as horrible as human rights are in some countries they ARE sovereign countries and can make their own laws. If they want better...
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    Women's Protest March

    I've been watching some of the protest speakers. I agree with their right to protest; they are peaceful about it. Can't say though that I agree with some of the issues. Most of them, actually I disagree with. It made me think that in a democratic and free country it is impossible to unite...
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    The Nominee's 'Inquisition'

    I have been watching the questioning of the Republican nominees. What a farce! Mad Dog Warren was asking for guarantees. She might as well ask for a guarantee that living costs will not rise in the next four year. How can anyone 'guarantee' anything that is going to happen in this changing...
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    Driverless Cars: Pro or Con?

    Personally I think technology is going too far. Technology has given us many benefits and done a lot of good things but like everything else that starts out beneficial, it has gone much too far. Regarding driverless cars; Multitudes of people drive for a living. What will they do when they...
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    Why Can't Racism Die Out?

    Some questions popped into my mind while watching the U.S. memorial of Pearl Harbor today. It is 71 years since the Japanese surrendered due the Atomic bombing of two of their cities. After those 71 years America and Japan are allies and on friendly terms. Comparatively, it is 153 years...
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    Trump's Cabinet Nominees

    Isn't it great to see the swamp getting drained? Outsiders with proven expertise in their fields will be a tremendous improvement over the old closed political circle and their cronies who thought they knew best and were running the country into the ground with their self-serving policies.