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Mark Spitznagel unleashed 18 baby goats on Detroit to clean up the nation's largest bankrupt city - which forced him to abandon his urban renewal effort.

It would come as no surprise to those who know me best that I love goat cheese and the critters whose milk it's made from. I've always had a fascination with the goat-defined as "a bovine ruminant famous for its ability to forage on plants unpalatable and in habitats inaccessible to other browsers." Maybe, it's those eyes with the horizontal pupils, or maybe it's the fun of butting heads with one (which I've done many times), but goats are just plain cool.

If the goat census-takers at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are right, there are about a billion of them around the world. They are among nature's friendliest weed wackers, lawn mowers, landscape artists and garbage disposals.

They may also be part of the solution to the urban blight that often leaves large tracts of city land overgrown with unsightly greenery.

Enter Mark Spitznagel-economist, author, goat-farmer, cheese-maker and billion-dollar hedge fund manager from Leelanau County, Michigan. I was pleased last year to provide an endorsement blurb for the dust jacket of his remarkable book, The Dao of Capital: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World. I never would have expected, however, that the same man who wrote such a brilliant work of economics, finance and investing would a few months later be dropping goats off to forage within inner-city Detroit. But that's precisely what's got Mark in the news in recent days, from the Detroit Free Press to the New York Times.


Blazing Cat Fur: Man deploys 18 goats to clean up detroit, but bankrupt city rejects their help (external - login to view)

Man Deploys 18 Goats to Clean Up Detroit, But Bankrupt City Rejects Their Help | CNS News (external - login to view)

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Goats rule!

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