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Here we go again. Liberal media outlets CNN and MSNBC have joined forces with the biased, numbers-cooking Southern Poverty Law Center (external - login to view) and New America Foundation to foment renewed fear and hatred of conservative Americans.

Their latest talking point: “Right-wing” terrorists have caused more American deaths than Islamic jihadists since 9/11.

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CNN (external - login to view) ran with the “story” first. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (external - login to view) hopped on the bandwagon tonight and the Blame Righty (external - login to view) echo chamber is whipping up another witch-hunt frenzy.

According to these divisive and demagogic fear-mongers, “right-wingers” have killed 34 people since 9/11 for “political reasons,” including the three innocent victims of last week’s Kansas City Jewish community center shootings, while jihadists have killed 21. MSNBC and CNN viewers are eating it all up with ghoulish enthusiasm. It’s the Obama DHS right-wing terrorism report (external - login to view) all over again.
A closer look at the rigging of this latest phony factoid simply confirms the malevolent intention of so-called objective journalists to marginalize conservative political speech and dissent. And it confirms once again the corruption of purportedly objective “hate watch” groups, which are staffed and supported by progressives bent on criminalizing their opponents out of the public square.


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