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Annapolis Mayor Pantelides to alderman: 'Thanks for (expletive deleted) me'

Ever get caught passing notes in school, only to be embarrassed when the teacher read it to the class?

Mayor Mike Pantelides knows the feeling.

Pantelides and the other members of the Annapolis City Council were listening to public testimony from former Alderwoman Classie Hoyle during Monday’s meeting. Hoyle was criticizing Pantelides for firing three African-American city employees since his Dec. 2 inauguration.

After Hoyle finished, Alderman Ross Arnett, D-Ward 8, called her back to the podium to provide specifics.

“All of you know, at the table we are heard,” Hoyle said. “When we are absent from the table, the essential comments are not raised.”

As Hoyle answered questions from other aldermen, Pantelides slipped Arnett a handwritten note.

“Thanks for (expletive deleted) me,” the note read.

Pantelides admitted Tuesday he wrote the note. He said he was frustrated with what he perceived as an invitation from Arnett to attack his administration.

“Ross went out of his way to perpetuate a false image of my administration,” Pantelides said.

Pantelides plans to meet with Hoyle on Wednesday to discuss the note, which he said was not directed at her.

Arnett declined to provide his reaction.

“That’s something between the mayor and I,” Arnett said.

The note apparently illustrates Pantelides’ frustration with a series of accusations by Annapolis’ African-American leaders.

Hoyle, Mount Olive AME Church pastor Johnny Calhoun, community activist Robert Eades and city Transportation Specialist Tony Spencer all asked why Pantelides has let go African-American members of the city staff.


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Rather Rob Fordish of him.

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Rather Rob Fordish of him.

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I get notes like that all the time.
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Political appointees- serve at the pleasure of- Why not hire qualified people.

Hoyle and Calhoun expressed concern that Richard Newell, director of the city’s Department of Transportation, would be next to go, after critical remarks he made about the mayor appeared in The Capital.

“My concern is it looks like we are dismissing African-Americans and not replacing any of them,” said Calhoun.

All four African-American workers were exempt service employees, meaning they serve at the will of the mayor.

Peterson, Newell and Hardwick were appointed by former Mayor Josh Cohen, whom Pantelides defeated in the Nov. 5 general election. McKinney was appointed under former Mayor Ellen Moyer.

Pantelides noted after the meeting that he had fired former City Manager Mike Mallinoff and former Planning Director Jon Arason. Michelle LeFurge, special projects coordinator under Cohen, also was let go by Pantelides. All three are white.

“Did they not care when Jon and Mike were let go?” Pantelides said.Pantelides has appointed two women and one man, all of them white, to fill the positions. Felicia Karavellas replaced LeFurge and Jaclyn Bierman replaced Peterson as a liaison.
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