What happens when a controversial comedy satire goes viral?

Following the public premier on The Pete Santilli Show (external - login to view) on February 19th, of Season 2 Episode #8 of the popular internet animation series, ‘Conrad the Constitution’, filmmaker Tim Fox received a visited from the President’s own Secret Servicedetail.

Tim Fox, co-creator of the cult hit, was surprised to find the Secret Service on his doorstep Saturday around 12 noon on February 22nd. After politely questioning Fox, the two officers then left his apartment.

“On Friday night, the Secret Service showed up at my parents’ house in down San Diego, I got a call from my dad saying ‘two secret service agents are here to talk with you (…)… next thing I know (Sat.) they show up at my apartment in Los Angeles and they wanted to talk to me about the video”.

“They told me that they had been getting a lot of complaints about the video, people had been sending to them because were concerned.”


Obama Assassination Cartoon Satire Prompts Secret Service Visit to ‘Conrad Constitution’ Creator (external - login to view)