Chicago, that toddlin' town...

At least 10 people shot overnight; 82 killed or injured in last week

At least 10 people were wounded in shootings throughout the city – mainly on the South Side – Thursday night and Friday morning. Since last Thursday, at least 82 people have been wounded or killed in shootings in Chicago.

The most violent shooting overnight occurred at 12:48 a.m. in the 100 block of East 60th Street in the Washington Park neighborhood. Police said five men -- all in their 20s -- were standing outside when a white vehicle drove by and someone inside opened fire.


At least 10 people shot overnight; 82 killed or injured in last week - Chicago Sun-Times (external - login to view)
Wow. I'm envious. If we had 'Merica's gun laws we could have all that fun right here in my f^cking home town.

Suck my cold flaccid penis American gun mongers!
Chicago police backtrack after confirming 500th homicide

Hours after Chicago police listed the shooting death of a West Side man as the city’s 500th homicide of the year, the department backtracked and said the city has yet to reach the grim milestone.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy had told the Tribune Thursday afternoon that the homicide count stood at 499. Hours later, Nathaniel T. Jackson, 40, was gunned down outside a store in the Austin neighborhood and the department confirmed Friday morning that his death was the 500th homicide. Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement noting that "Chicago has reached an unfortunate and tragic milestone."


Chicago police backtrack after confirming 500th homicide - (external - login to view)
Hmmm. Looks like we are actually doing something right. 53 homicides in Toronto. Chicago and Toronto are similar sized cities. Toronto 2.6 million, Chicago 2.7 million.

Toronto Police Service :: To Serve and Protect (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

Toronto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view)
Maybe they're just crankier.
China National News Sunday 27th January, 2013

Police ponder separate shootings in Chicago
• All occurred on Saturday
• Chicago still has high homicide count
US police and emergency services reacted to five separate shooting incidents in only one city on the weekend.
An investigation has been launched into the shootings, which all occurred on Saturday in Chicago.
The first killing took place on Saturday around 2:15am when a gunman opened fire on two men in a parked car.
One of the men was killed while the other was severely injured.
Only a few hours later, two people were killed and one wounded in another shooting incident.
On Saturday afternoon, the bodies of a man and a teenager who had been shot to death were found in another part of the city.
While no one has been arrested, police have been treating the shootings as if they were carried out by the same person or persons.
Chicago's homicide count has started again for the new year.
Every year, more than 30,000 people are shot and killed in the United States with an average of 87 deaths each day as a result of gun violence.
Many more people are injured by some of the 4.5 million firearms which are sold annually in the country.

I feel so safe in Canada.............!
Free Thinker
Slanted journalism at its best. Most crime is committed by illegal, unregistered guns, just like in Canada. The shooting in the story sounds like gang land style - one gang eliminating the competition. I doubt any of the guns used in these shooting even have their serial numbers still on them.
Free Thinker
If they were not white why would you care.
Chicago leads the nation with 40+ homicides in less than the first 30 days of 2013. AND they have a very comprehensive set of gun controls in place. Murder scene witnesses are scared and won't talk. The rule of the Criminal Trial Courts is "Remember your situation is in the hands of 12 people who weren't smart enough to get out of Jury Duty." And if they don't know who the witnesses are that information is available for the right money. Money in Chicago speaks loudly!
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I watch Chicago news on WGN quite often. Aurora, Illinois is the state's 2d largest city with a population of 200,000 people. Yet it did not have one homicide last year according to a TV report. Why? Because the cops on the streets, not in some easy desk job. Put the cops back on the streets where they belong and the terrible murder problem in Chicago will be greatly reduced.
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[QUOTE=china;1705286]China National News Sunday 27th January, 2013

Police ponder separate shootings in Chicago
• All occurred on Saturday

Simple solution- Saturday is the problem, move "weekends" to Sunday and Monday and voila, you've solved the problem of Saturday shootings!
What the hell man.

Seven people were killed and at least 41 others were shot in violence that plagued Chicago over Father's Day weekend.

Six of the fatalities and 13 other shootings occurred overnight Saturday leading into Father's Day, including the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy.

On the Southwest Side, five people were shot, one fatally, in two shootings in the Little Village neighborhood.

the scorecard:

7 Dead, 41 Wounded in Wave of Chicago Weekend Violence | NBC Chicago (external - login to view)
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It's the purge..

h/t zip

Eight people were shot -- one fatally -- in a drive-by shooting in which two men fired on a group of people at a home in the Lawndale neighborhood Saturday evening, authorities said.

At least one of the shooters used a rifle and casings were recovered at the scene, police said.

At least 67 people have been shot across the city since Wednesday afternoon during this long holiday weekend, 11 fatally.


8 shot on West Side - (external - login to view)

July Fourth holiday violence toll includes boys, 5 and 7 - (external - login to view)

That's one sh!thole of a town.
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You won't get any respect from the anti gun crowd with the truth Loc...........
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ONLY, 67 people have been shot across the city on July 4th.. somebody is slacking..
BHO's kinda of town, Chicago is. (With apologies to the great Frank Sinatra)
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Hmm, another gun debate. This has been covered dozens of times here on various threads. Both sides are very predictable and no one ever really changes their mind one way or another during this sort of debate.
I wonder if alcohol played a role?
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Quote: Originally Posted by WLDBView Post

Hmm, another gun debate. This has been covered dozens of times here on various threads. Both sides are very predictable and no one ever really changes their mind one way or another during this sort of debate.

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Gives a whole new meaning to the term fireworks don't it?
The problem is not even the guns on the street its the
culture of gun violence. Everything can be solved with a
gun, both law abiding citizen and the criminal.
Sometimes the only solution is there is no solution.
Free Thinker
Quote: Originally Posted by WLDBView Post

Hmm, another gun debate. This has been covered dozens of times here on various threads. Both sides are very predictable and no one ever really changes their mind one way or another during this sort of debate.

Just like abortion, religion & politics.
via zip:

Can’t see sternly worded letters stopping Chicago’s war zone violence.

Via Politico (external - login to view):
Chicago police are going to hand deliver letters to people suspected of committing or being victims of gun crimes in an effort to stem violence in the city, according to a new report.
Starting Friday, a district commander will be delivering letters warning certain targets in that district not to commit violent crimes, the Chicago Sun-Times (external - login to view)reports.

The pilot program is targeting individuals off a “heat list” developed by a Yale professor, who studied murders on Chicago’s West Side between 2005 and 2010 and found a small network of people was responsible for more than 70 percent of the killings, according to the Sun-Times.

The letters warn people who have been put on the list that they will be charged with the most serious crime possible if they are arrested for a violent offense.

Chicago Police To Deliver Letters Warning People Not To Commit Gun Crimes… | Weasel Zippers (external - login to view)

Chicago's new war on guns: Letters - Tal Kopan - (external - login to view)

Chicago, the land of wildly off center politics and the residence of Obama, Rahm, the Daley's and many others who are living in a Penitentiary somewhere in the US. There are probably more guns in this city than the Illinois National Guard has in all of their Armories.
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Yep a letter hand delivered by a cop is definitely going to make a career criminal quiver in his boots and hand over part of arsenal of unregistered guns.
Strongly worded letters. Don't you worry.
City of Chicago maps out "Safe Passage" routes to keep kids out of harm's way as they cross gang boundaries on their way to and from school. Fark: 2 people shot; 1 killed along one of those routes Saturday night (external - login to view)

CHICAGO (CBS) – One man was killed, and another was wounded, when they were shot in the Bronzeville neighborhood Saturday evening.

Police said the men were shot around 6:15 p.m. in the 2900 block of South State Street.

Ralph McNeal, 54, was pronounced dead less than an hour later, after he was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

A 26-year-old man also was taken to Stroger Hospital, and was in critical condition, according to the Fire Department.

The location where they were shot was along the Safe Passage route for Drake Elementary School, which is being consolidated with Urban Prep Academies’ Bronzeville Campus, at 2710 S. Dearborn St.


1 Killed, 1 Wounded In Bronzeville Shooting « CBS Chicago (external - login to view)
Lack of employment opportunities............
The Dems have done so much for their peeps.
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fuking journalists have to sensationalize EVERYthing

so essentially this story is meaningless but yeah let's wring a story out of it somehow:


However, although the Safe Passage routes have been mapped out for parents and students; the police officers, and Safe Passage workers, and volunteers who will man those routes won’t be staffing them until school begins on Aug. 26.

Quote: Originally Posted by tayView Post

Lack of employment opportunities............

along with a hornet's nest of other social contributors

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