Pirate Party plans to offer Canadians VPN service

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Pirate Party plans to offer Canadians VPN service
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After opening the way for users in politically controversial countries to access the Internet via Virtual Private Network (VPN), the Canadian Pirate Party has announced a new service aimed at Canadians.

The move comes after worries of a majority Conservative government becoming elected in the upcoming general elections in Canada. The group is worried that proposed changes to Canadian Internet privacy laws will force users to start using third parties to hide their tracks.

The Pirate Party is setting up a VPN service, where Canadians would be able to 'tunnel' into the Internet over their existing connection. The service promises to help anonymize Internet activity, the same service offered to residents of repressive regimes across the planet.

The party plans on providing this service for a monthly price of $10 per 200GB. Though services such as StrongVPN in the United States exist for a lower price with no bandwidth limit.

“This allows us to simultaneously provide protection to Canadians and expand our humanitarian support abroad. We won’t keep logs of the activity, although we will of course cooperate with law enforcement in the event of abuse of our services,” said the party leader Mikkel Paulson.

The party says it would protect the privacy of users around the world by donating 1 free VPN account to users living under repressive regimes.

Original Article: http://www.canadiancontent.net/commt...vice_1067.html
An important point to note about the difference with getting a vpn service through a registered political party and a US company is that the pirate party will be more secure and have additional legal protections than a simple corporation will. That's what you pay for, the added security and protection.
Pirates offering security and protection just don't seem right. After all... Argggg, they're pirates!
Sounds like a great service that we all may need, if Harper or Ignatieff get into power and start bringing in their,"Global Governance", into Canada and they sell or Canadian Borders to the Globalists, so that Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security may dictate to Canadians?

God help us we need a Freedom Party politically!
Music royalties stealing will be made legal by the pirate party
Mein Gott...they've stolen zee enigma!
This means i can watch Xvideos.com without any hiccups here in Dubai. The darn Internetprovider blocks everything
wow this is a very good plan to provide such a service to Canadian users, but according to my point of view its prices are little bit high as compare to any other Canadian vpn service provider. let work on more then i will come again with some sources.
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