Finding new stuff on PC

Just found a neet new device on Google maps. clicking the little guy icon on top of the zoom bar and dragging him to a location is really an amazing feature. It seems to be called "street view"
Evidently it is new and not old stuff that i just stumbled upon,came out this week in Canada.
Big brother just got a little closer.
I like that feature and used it to see the old nabes (neighborhoods) in Brooklyn.
In Between Man
I think its freakin awesome! I found my apartment, and I can see my roommate walking by!

Rumor is that it drives by once a day. Evidently I'm sure it'll catch him hanging out the window with that stupid cigarette in his mouth. And then since he's not tech savvy whatsoever, I'll show him how I'm "watching him at all times".

On the other hand, has 1984(one of my fave books for sure)finally arrived? I feel vague tonite, I'll say....maybeish leaning towards not likely...
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I just went right up to my son's front door in Ottawa. Can't wait for the release of "Google Knock".

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