Social Media Driving Americans Nutso

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I only check in on this forum plus my emails every now and then. That's about it. I don't even own an IPhone...never texted a message before either. I know, I'm a caveman.
Obviously Americans are nuts. Look at the ones on this forum.
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I wonder if more women are addicted than men. Women are born communicators and social media certainly can be the drug.
I think with every new "platform" it's been thought of as a scourge to sociability. It'll damage your eyes, your brain, your relationships, etc

We learn to adjust and those that don't, die. We're still controlled by the laws of nature regardless of how egotistical irrational, or intellectually intelligent we think we are.

We'll adjust.
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But what about 'love at first sight'?...

Many now hook up through Social Media first, and then meet in real life. It's backwards, isn't it? I know so many relationships/marriages that started on-line. Not my cup of tea.

I'm old school...met my gal in a Bar like everyone else did!

We both went to see the same Band, and she asked me if we could share a drink. 27 years later...2 daughters...a cat...a hamster...2 guinea pigs...who knew that chance meeting would have led to all of this?

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