The app that de-blurs your fuzzy images

If you have ever suffered from shaky-hand syndrome when trying to take that perfect picture, this is definitely for you.

A software engineer has developed an app that can de-blur extremely fuzzy images with impressive results.

Called SmartDeblur, Vladimir Yuzhikov says the app attempts to solve 'one of the most interesting and important problems of image-processing'.

Yuzhikov looked at blurring caused by incorrect focus and movement, both of which he claims are impossible to correct using current technology.

Writing on his blog (external - login to view), he said: 'Why is there almost no means for correction of blurring and de-focusing (except unsharp mask) - maybe it is impossible to do this at all?


SmartDeblur: Download the app that de-blurs your fuzzy images with amazing results | Mail Online

blog, math and stuff:

Restoration of defocused and blurred images. (external - login to view)
I'll believe it when I see it. One example he is claimed to have used was a blur filter and then corrected it, which is based on a predetermined process that can be interpreted back to its original appearance to some degree of success.

Anybody remember that idiot pedophile who used an avatar of his own face which used a twirl filter effect? The police caught him by simply reversing the filter in the opposite direction (idiot)

And him using a camera with no focus isn't much different than the filter effect he tried.

He thinks he's made something profound that will change the world, but isn't anything new to those who know what they're doing.

That picture of the building blurred and then "cleared" up is crap.... You can only extrapolate information from what is currently available to use... You're dealing with pixel based images. You can not produce a detailed face of someone based off of a cluster of square pixels that are the same colour or very similar.

He did not develop those brick details from that blurry image... He wouldn't have even gotten the arch details from the windows based on the information available.

He took an original image, duplicated it into two files... One has the blur that you see, which appears to be a radial blur filter (easily reversible to a degree) and the other is the original image with a canvas texture filter applied over the entire image to look like some magical coding was applied to clean it up.

And does he account for actual real world blur issues? A blur filter and shooting a still shot with an unfocused camera are not the same as a moving object being shot and later cleared up.

Can this app make a set of clapping hands crisp?

Can it clear up the streaks of fireworks?

How about the blur you get when shooting a waterfall or other splashing liquid?

A speeding car shot from a stationary position?

Or how about shooting passing by scenery from the moving car?

You can download his app huh?

Seems many of the comments on the link are equally suspicious as well.

I've developed my own Photoshop process that can actually bring in a decent amount of detail to a blurred image and can explain how to do it to anybody interested... And to my knowledge, nobody has come up with a similar process as mine.... But I will not go as far as saying it can solve all blurring problems or make all images perfect... It has limits and those limits are linked to the available pixel based information available.

Now if he can pull the license plate details of a car from 6 black pixels, 8 white pixels and 12 greyish pixels from some crappy CCTV footage... I would be astonished for the first time in my life.

But I won't be astonished, because it's not possible.

.... Ah there you have it. His wonderful app apparently only works with out of focus blur of cameras (which with todays cameras is a non issue with their auto focus and would be a rare, if not, useless tool one would need since they'd see it blurred and just take another shot).... The app also only supports Motion Blur (filter) and Gaussian Blur (also a filter)

And if you purposely added a blur filter to your image, you already have a wonderful and magical tool at your disposal to make your image like new again....


It's the shortcut for UNDO!!! Learn it.

Bravo genius, you just spent all that math-thinking creating a useless app nobody has a need for unless they're a moron who doesn't know about the undo button or Photoshop's history window.

It's great you can show off your programming skills, but don't waste people's time with hyped up bullsh*t like you invented the next best thing for humanity.

Cripes Almighty, where's my stick so I can beat some sense into someone?

Wasted my G'Damn time on this when I could have been reading something else.... Bah
I prefer Jumicam... lets you access your web cam at home and see everything via your smart phone.. it works.. I have it and can see my home woth the touch of a button..

JumiTech: STREAM WEBCAM FEEDS TO SMARTPHONE (external - login to view)
Also, looking at some of the samples provided by him in regards to how wonderful his program is... and when he states "in this case there will be almost 100% restoration of the source image" He must be either using some really crap photos, or he's over hyping what his program can actually do.

He shows a blurry image and then replaces it with a differently blurred image with jagged waves throughout.

I just don't understand how this program would be useful in any real world situation with any real world blurs....
Catch is all images unbur to that text.

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