Personally I don't have this thing but many found this info helpful on another site that I am blatantly plagiarizing. Take it or leave it.

stop ads in Android notification bar....and helpful data control

Do you get those symbols in your notification bar and an advertisement in your notifications? Those are called air push advertising, and your apps are getting paid to put it on your phone. Android has a free app called AirPush Detector and it tells you which of your apps are advertising on your phone. It wont block them, but at least you can make the choice on if to keep the app.

I also found Onavo Count, a free and paid data meter. It works like some others I've seen, and it allows me to restrict an app to wifi like others, but this one works on the Digital Rights Management (PVWmdrmPROXY) bloatware that monitors the music you download on the phone. I haven't found one that restricts that to wifi except Onavo and even the free version does it.

Anyway, hope this helps, and if you have a cool app for the rest of us, please feel free.

I installed cyanogen which gives me a lot of admin access for my apps. for example, i can manually disable a specific function of an app while allowing it to continue to work. for apps that require the internet onyl for ads, i disabled their access.

cool apps:

Simple Notepad - secret camera, black screen, tap it to record vids or take pics
SWYPE - best damn keyboard in the world, dont believe me? youtube it
MapDroyd - offline maps
Where's my droid - use text messages to locate it if lost