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Hipster Google-Hiker wearing the latest all-terrain Google footgear

For all its planes and vans mapping out the world, there have been places even Google cannot reach.

Now thanks to its latest weapon, the internet giant will be able to chart everywhere from the depths of the jungle to the narrowest city alley.

Its backpack camera, which is carried by a trekker on foot, will be able to get to places that Google wings and wheels cannot.

The device, a more portable version of its controversial Street View cameras, is able to go ‘offroad’, potentially photographing and mapping everywhere from the base of the Grand Canyon to the top of Everest.

Campaigners have warned that privacy risks being sacrificed in a commercial race between Google and its rival Apple, which unveiled its latest mapping technology yesterday.

The two are competing to produce three-dimensional maps and have deployed spy planes to photograph streets and homes.

The planes will be able to operate in British skies without special licensing or permits.


After Google's spy cars and planes, company unleashes backpack camera as latest device in its bid to map entire world | Mail Online
This would be an awesome job for soldiers getting back from duty. They would be conditioned to carry that monster on their back all day. They'd likely find the leisurely hikes therapeutic for their PTSD.

Next will be the skidoo trails of the Northern US and Canada.
lone wolf
I'd like to see Google Earth get up more high-resolution images around the boonies here....

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