I've just ordered one of these:

MaKey MaKey: An Invention Kit for Everyone by Jay Silver — Kickstarter (external - login to view)

I'm quite excited, since it is possibly the best every nerd-toy.

However, I am experiencing a slight delay in creativity. I don't know what to make with it. Any ideas?
lone wolf
I predict some slap-happy schtickey guy hawking it on TV soon....
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I predict some slap-happy schtickey guy hawking it on TV soon....

the interesting thing is that no-one knows entirely what can be done with this thing yet. It's so versatile that the weak link in the full usage of the device is not a technical challenge but a creative one.
lone wolf
I'm thinking just the gimmicky name will sell it. Invention? As big as imagination gets....
what would you use it for?
lone wolf
In all seriousness ... probably to keep the dust from settling on some of the other cutsie gimmicks (still in their boxes) in my hall closet

this scam has only one use:

to get money from suckers (like you?)
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it's legit, low-tech, and magnificently clever.

I'm not a sucker. Just you wait till I make my cucumber trombone
seriously, though. what ideas can you think up? i'd like to try them all
OK this has become serious. They're running a competition for the best 10 ideas. the 10 winners get their makey makey immediately instead of having to wait until august.

I need your ideas immediately so i can take credit for them and get something for myself.
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