A group of die-hard Manchester City fans are travelling to their team's UEFA Cup qualifying match tomorrow - by trawler.

The English team are playing EB/Streymur, a team from the tiny kingdom of the Faroe Islands, situated just north of Britain.

The population of the Faroe Islands is just 48,000, and their monarch is Queen Margrethe II (same monarch who reigns over Denmark).

Catch of the day for City nuts

They think it's trawl over, it is now! ... Manchester City fans will use Three Sisters which, like their team, is light blue - let's hope their team stick a few good ones in the net

The Sun
16th July 2008

CASH-strapped footie fans have hired a FISHING TRAWLER to get to a match.

The 12 Manchester City supporters were desperate to see their heroes in a UEFA Cup tie in the Faroe Islands tomorrow night.

long haul game ... map of route from UK to Faroe Islands

But they feared the air fares would be too high, so they clubbed together and chartered the 72ft boat.

They drove from Manchester to Aberdeen and took an overnight ferry to Lerwick on the Shetland Isles.

From there they set sail on the Three Sisters for the Faroe Islands – which can take up to 26 hours, depending how rough the sea is.

The boat – which cost the fans 285 each – left the UK yesterday and will get to Torshavn tomorrow – just in time to see City and their new manager Mark Hughes take on EB/Streymur.

Manager ... Mark Hughes

Organiser Leighton Gobbett, 27, said: “This should be the funniest trip ever to a football match.”

Another fan said: “We must be the first supporters to use a fishing trawler. Let’s hope City stick a few in the net.”

The fans have also persuaded football mag FourFourTwo to supply them with booze on the trawler, which gets them back to the UK on Sunday.

FourFourTwo deputy editor Matthew Weiner said: “This voyage represents all that is great about football fans.

“These lads love their team and will do anything to see them play.”

10 interesting Faroe facts

1: The population is 48,000 . . . the same as a City sell-out home gate.

2: Its average summer temperature is 11C and it has more than 260 days of rain.

3: Fish products make up 97 per cent of its exports.

4: Local speciality dishes are mutton, whale blubber and puffin.

Er . . . that’s it.