Meet South Africa's Bryan Habana (named after former England soccer star Bryan Robson), who is regarded as the fastest rugby player on the planet. He can run 100 metres in 11 seconds and England need to tame him on Saturday when the two sides meet in the Rugby World Cup Final. Trying to tackle him whilst he's at full speed must be like putting yourself in front of a juggernaut, and he's so fast that in April he raced a cheetah and the race finished a tie...

Racing a cheetah, Bryan Habana, the man England must stop to win the Rugby World Cup

16th October 2007
Daily Mail

South Africa's Bryan Habana scoring one of his two tries in South Africa's 37-13 victory over Argentina in the World Cup Semi Final on Sunday

It was only a charity stunt, but it can't have done English spirits much good to see South Africa's flying winger Bryan Habana, who can run 100m in 11 seconds, keeping pace with a cheetah.

Habana has taken the World Cup by storm, equalling Jonah Lomu's tournament record of eight tries. . .

On your marks: Bryan Habana keeps pace with a cheetah

He agreed to race the big cat in a convervationists' promotion. The cheetah was chasing a leg of lamb propelled in front of it, while Habana was chasing mere glory.

Unfortunately for England, a marksman with a tranquiliser gun was on hand in case the animal got a taste for human

Habana overtakes: He is widely regarded as the fastest rugby player on the planet

Habana is regarded as the fastest rugby player on the planet, but organisers decided even he needed help against an animal which can accelerate from 0-60mph in three seconds and has a top speed of 70mph.

They gave him a 30m head start and the race was a draw... England beware!

The race between the two sprinters was a draw, although Habana was given a 30m head start