Landis' backup test also positive;

Tour de France title gone. Landis fired.

By T.J. Quinn

New York Daily News


NEW YORK - For a few days, the tale of Floyd Landis looked like a Disney movie in the making. Now he appears to be headed for the History Channel.

Landis came a step closer on Saturday to being the first man stripped of a Tour de France title for doping when a backup urine sample came back positive for prohibited levels of testosterone.

With the news that his "B" sample confirmed he had taken synthetic testosterone, his cycling team, Phonak, immediately fired him, and Tour de France organizers said they no longer consider him the 2006 champion. Landis officially will keep his title, however, until his appeals are exhausted and the International Cycling Union (UCI) declares him ineligible.

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There are many types of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs but this is the first I've heard of synthetic testosterone. Lance Armstrong used to win the Tour de France like clockwork, and a lot of people had their suspicions but nothing was ever proven.
Some people now call him Roid Landis.
I think fewer people are calling him at all now. As far as I know, the ticker tape parade is off until further notice... :P
The ad deal moves from Nike to Spikey.
Hey. He did have that bit of hero time between the checkered flag and the pee tests. The first couple of interviews were pretty good. I don't feel too sorry for him, unless he can prove his innocence...
He cant be innocent. Those chemical assays are absolutely reliable at the cut off they have chosen to determine an abnormal---ie nonphysiological result--that is despite his BS argument that his own orgasm is producing the testosterone. He isnt much of a physiologist--and is getting some very poor advice given his statement that his testosterone level was tested 3 times prior to his positive result and were all normal.
Thats nonsensical. Testosterone does not fluctuate or surge in levels like that over such a short period of time.
Its NOT like the stress hormones epineprine and norepinephrine and other that surge in response to acute situations. He must be guilty.

And note the contradiction---He says his orgasm naturally produces higher testosterone--BUT testoserone was NORMAL on 3 tests prior to the post stage 17 test that caught him. I suspect he took some the night after he fell back 8 minutes hoping that it would help in recovering from an absolutely crappy day --and provide some --aggression boost-- to help improve his standing the next day--and it certainly worked--or at least significantly helped .

Congrats to Oscar Piriero --the winner. Spain placed 1st and 3rd this year--next year its a podium sweep for Iberia
It looks increasingly like all the kiddies' putative role models are cheats. It's interesting to watch the goings on in baseball as well. You can't allow doped up record holders to keep their records. How can a legitimate player hope to beat them?
It's all part of this weird, bizarre Celebrity Cult most folks are involved in today. Part of our age's leading movement, primitivism. Glitter, image and bravado count more than character.

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