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I was watching the special on Larry Holmes the other and was reminded that when a real good fight happens they don't get much better.

Larry Holmes vs Ken Norton 1978. All judges had the fight even after 14 rounds. Holmes' trainer called the 15th round the best 15th round in boxing history. One of the last 15 round fights.

Ray Boom Boom Mancini - Destroying champion Art Frias in the 1st round. It is said that in one 22-second period he landed 33 punches.

George Foreman ko of Joe Frazier. Knocked him down 6 times in two rounds.

Thrilla in Manilla - Ali vs Frazier. Afterward, Ali said he thought he was dying.

Foreman vs Young. Foreman was ko'd by Young, and afterward said he saw God in the ring. He then became a preacher before returning once again to the ring.

Jack Johnson 1910. Fights with high racial tension. Scheduled bouts of 45 rounds. When he eventually lost the title, ko'd in the 26th round, some claimed Johnson threw the fight. His opponent, Jesse Willard said, "If he was going to throw the fight, I wished he'd done it sooner."
With only seconds to go in the 2005 Australian Football League Grand Final in front of almost 100,000 people, the West Coast Eagles, after a Titanic 2 hour struggled trailed by just 4 points made a last ditch effort to kick a goal (6 points) would have won them the game.

The ball was kicked into attack by a West Coast player to a large pack of players within 30 metres of the West Coast goals.

Knowing there were only seconds left, the screaming crowd was left struggling for air.

Sydney Swan's defender Leo Barry came from nowhere to courageously bust open a hugh pack of 7 players all leaping high in the air from all directions to catch the ball. He caught it and play was stopped for him to take his kick (called a 'mark'). As he did, the final siren went, signalling the end of the game. The crowd literally went crazy. Had a West Coast player caught the ball, they would have almost certainly kicked the goal to win them the game. Leo Barry's inspired effort meant that he single handedly saved the game for the Swans, breaking the longest drought in the history of the AFL - 72 years !

His 'mark' goes down in the history of the sport as perhaps the greatest and most memorable of all time. (external - login to view)
Oh, and here is a Google video of it:

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For me, definitely when Pavel Bure got that breakaway goal against Calgary in OT, game 7, 1004 playoffs. And certainly that year's run.

Also, Trevor Linden's jersey retirement. As my fave player of all time, it gets me all choked up thinking about it...
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Double gold in hockey. 2002 Olympics.
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