Lineker: England will be strongest team in the World Cup.

Lineker: We're the best

GARY LINEKER insists England will have the strongest side at the World Cup.

The former Three Lions skipper reckons Sven Goran Eriksson has a better squad than even BRAZIL.

Match of the Day presenter Lineker said: “Brazil have a great side and the best player, Ronaldinho. But, historically, when the World Cup is held in Europe a team from Europe wins.

“The Brazilians won in Sweden but that was back in 1958.

“I don’t see Germany doing well and France are a little better. Italy maybe, or Holland. But I think England are the strongest.

“England are going through a good patch and the team is the strongest we’ve had for a long time.

“We’ve got players of the highest quality, with experience and good youngsters.”
Gary Lineker is my hero...he is a sporting GOD , now he is what Americans would call a typical englishman...increadibly polite, impecable manners, never rude to referees (never even got warned throughout his career) and best of all............

A PROLIFIC GOAL SCORER with panther-like speed and cunning around the box, I rate him above Charlton and other world class strikers because his record is second to none
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