Since when do referees decide the outcome of a hockey game? I went to the Ottawa Senators game last night and it seems odd that the Senators, a team full of skill, would get 10 penalties (one 4 minute penalties), while Dallas only gets 2? I believe the Sens didnít deserve half of them. When I was at the LA game, Ottawa was up by 4 goals and I guess the refs wanted a closer game so they started giving Ottawa penalties. Why would a team up by four, who is dominating the game, play in a way that would get them penalties? I think the referees donít want Ottawa to run away with it. Itís frustrating when they make unfair calls.
Referees don't determine the outcome of a game, they enforce the rules. The outcome of the game is determined by the number of times each team is able to put the puck in the net.

I don't know why Ottawa players feel the need to do stupid things that get them penalties, but who knows what goes on in their heads.
I think we've all seen games that have made us shake our heads with what is and isn't being called. And it ticks me off when the refs do this.
like during the stanley cup. Calgary got that goal but the ref said they didnt. makes me soooo mad...refs i hate em' sometimes .
I say one rule should be that a team can dispute a call once a game, and they go to the replay to determine.
They need to call diving more so hockey doesn't have the trouble soccer does of players trying to draw a penalty.
Seriously, Ottawa is not a goon team. They're a goal scoaring team. I like the new rules in hockey, now the refs have to call the game fairly.

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