Governor General awards Stanley Cup to Woman's Hockey

Our "Queen" wants to award the 2005 Stanley Cup to woman's hockey:

Any comments??
I dont think its up to her. It is a tough call though. I would like to see what is left of the current NHL this time next year before I would think of giving it to another league.

If the NHL restarts and they use replacement players I would think it should go to another league but if the NHL somehow restarts as we know it I would keep it with NHL and leave the year blank.

I just personally think it is too early to give the cup to another league at this moment in time.
I think juniors should get it. It was supposed to go to the best team in Canada. There should be a tournament of the best teams from all the junior leagues accross Canada and the winner gets the cup, awarded in Ottawa because thats where it started.
Reverend Blair
I saw one of the woman hockey players on TV saying that they don't realy want the Stanley Cup. They'd like a cup of their own that becomes that prestigious over time instead.
I think the Stanley Cup is too closley tied to the NHL.

The females should get their own cup "The Adrienne Clarkson Cup" maybe?

The Juniors have their own cup the Memorial Cup and I think it should stay that way. Especiaslly for what it stands for.
Good idea! The "Clarckson Cup" for womens hockey.
I say, put the name "Hockey Fans" on the cup for the year 2004/2005.

If anyone deserves the cup this year its the fans.

With what the NHL is going through right now, hopefully, it will translate into a situation where more of the average fans can actually attend the games rather than having to rely on watching the games on TV.

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