The true explanation of the incidents of real life and history

Incidents, mishaps, happiness and blessings .. wars, crises, prosperity and glory.
All this and more can be explained as God Almighty and Most Gracious giving and depriving man of every good or misfortune.

What happens to man: from his hand, and implemented by God.

Wars, peace.. glory or deterioration .. health and welfare .. epidemics and decline ... all this is worked by God Most Gracious and Almighty. (external - login to view)

================================================== ================

God dislikes the wrong-doing, the transgression, the haughtiness, the disobedience and hypocrisy --> so He punishes man for this sooner or later in this life of the World, as also in the Next Life.

God on the other hand likes the good manner and conduct, the modesty, the alms-giving, the charity doing, the righteousness, the kindness to parents and the needy --> so He rewards man for this in both the life of the World and the Next Life.

This is applicable for man and the community, for the individual and the state .. rewarded and punished by God Almighty and Most Gracious.

Quran 14: 7, which means:
{[O Jews], remember when your Lord was requested j [by your enemies to fight you but He did not permit them to do that; and He said to you]: "If you are thankful, I will surely increase you[r blessing]; but if you are ungrateful, My punishment is terrible indeed [to the disbeliever and denier of My bounties.]"}
.................................................. .......

7 j The meaning: Mohammed, mention to the [Jews] the story of the Sidonians, when you came to them and to their country; they asked God’s permission to fight you, but He did not permit them, then they asked His permission to welcome you and give you food and drink, and He permitted them to do so. This was some of His bounties to you; so you should thank Him for it.

The story: When the Israelites set forth in their exodus out of Egypt, and they approached the city of the Sidonians, their king gathered the chiefs and ministers and said to them: “The Children of Israel has approached us, and they are so many, and we cannot fight them, so what shall we do?”
After discussion, they said to him: “Consult God.”
So he wrote two signboards and hung them on the wall: on the first, he wrote: “I should fight them”, and he wrote on the other one: “I should welcome them with food and drink and hospitability.”
Then he threw an arrow towards them, and the arrow fell on the second; therefore, they took food and drink and went out to welcome them.

Their story is mentioned in the Bible, the Book of Exodus. (external - login to view)
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Are you pretending to be profound Selfsap? . It ain''t working dummy.
So this happened when the Children of Israel were obedient to God and His messenger Moses.

While when they disobeyed and blasphemed and became wrong-doers and transgressors, God dealt with them in the opposite way:

Quran 7: 167, which means:
{167. [Remember, O Mohammed] that your Lord did [many times] give permission a [requested by the enemies of Jews] that a a He would send against [Jews] till the Doomsday, those who should visit them with evil chastisement;

[O Mohammed] your Lord surely is Swift at punishment [for wrong-doers], Most Forgiving [to those who repent], and Most Merciful [to those who regret.]

168. And We dispersed them throughout the earth [to abase and disgrace them] as nations [with different languages b]; some of them righteous [with their acts] and some of them otherwise [: not righteous]; and We tried them [sometimes] with prosperity and [other times] with adversity, that haply they might desist [from their infidelity and trespass.]}
.................................................. ...............

167 a i.e. the enemies of Jews asked God for permission to fight Jews, and He permitted them that.

Ancient people had a custom that they consulted God by lots of arrows: so they wrote "Do" on a piece of parchment or a board, and on another one they wrote "Don't do", then they threw it with an arrow, so if the arrow hits the first, they say: "Our Lord permits us to do that!" But if it hits the second, they say: "He does not permit us that!"

So Nabuchodonosor took an arrow and asked God's permission to fight the Children of Israel, and he threw the arrow which fell on the first one on which was written "Do"; therefore, he marched with his army, fought and overcame them.
And this in fact is the meaning of ([Remember, O Mohammed] that your Lord did [many times] give permission); i.e. they asked Him to permit them to fight Jews and He permitted them to do so.

167 a a Then God – be glorified – swore:

168 b Some of them are the Persian, Arab, Turk, Kurd and others. (external - login to view)

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible.

================================================== ================================

This is only an example: the Children of Israel in the past and at the present, but it is not restricted to the Children of Jacob: Israel, but it is general to all man-kind and even God punishes the animal that transgresses on other animals without right and without need and more than its requirement. So He sets on the transgressor, someone that is more than him in power to take revenge on him.
Every affliction which afflicts man is because of his own sins and disobedience.

Many blessings and increase in the blessing comes from God according to some good work that man has done, and God gives more without the man deserves it.

Quran 42: 30, which means:
{30. Whatever affliction may visit you is [only a punishment] for [the sins and wrong-doing] that your own hands earn;

and He pardons many [of your sins and wrong-doing.
c ]}
.................................................. ..............

30 c So that He does not hasten to punish you accordingly. (external - login to view)

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly.
Fed up with Islam Yet???
I assure you: it is you, Cruel Zionists, that will be fed up with.

By God's will, I will complement this subject later on.
Quote: Originally Posted by selfsameView Post

I assure you: it is you, Cruel Zionists, that will be fed up with.

Quote: Originally Posted by selfsameView Post

I assure you: it is you, Cruel Zionists, that will be fed up with.

By God's will, I will complement this subject later on.

Didn't open the link and watch the video did you?
It means he will be back to post more tripe. In the meantime, while we're waiting for him to come back, a few stories.

Our first FAQ: why did Nassir stop posting and then come back and start again? That's a good question, Timmy! He was threatened by his "mosque friends". That's how they do things. Let me 'splain.

Even Nassir knows that no one listens to him. Sometimes, someone will ask him a question and he thinks they are actually interested in conversation, but alas, like the camel, Nassir steps on his own tongue and messes it up. His "mosque friends", those are people at the mosque with whom he talks, have given him an ultimatum - continue the Taqiyya or he will be disciplined.

Our next FAQ: Why is Islam so hateful? Well, you know, it shouldn't be, but the bulk of the hatefulness comes from Iraq, Iran and Syria. Oh yeah, some other Muslim countries contribute to it, but that's where most of the nutbars are located. It's impossible to take these three out without damaging surrounding countries, so some general will have to come up with a working plan to minimize colaterral damage.

FAQ #3: Could you post something about Rumi? Why, sure I can, but first, a small bit of Moodism.

Moodah teaches that we must not hate the rock. The rock is a rock by its nature. When a rock breaks a window, find the one who threw it. You cannot punish a rock.

Here again are the five tenets of Moo-dism.

1. Hurt no one.
2. Love everyone.
3. Help those in need.
4. Meditate, and be one with the universe.
5. Partake of the kush.

Oh great Moodah, tell us about Rumi!

Certainly. Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi lived about 800 years ago. He was a scholar, poet and a mystic. A Muslim one to boot. The Sunni branch. The most populous kind of Muslim. Now you'd think someone so revered would be respected by all, but alas, he wasn't. One of the things he said, many years ago was,

"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

What this means is that men should reason, not scream. But few Muslims respect that, or took his words to heart. They continue to blow up and behead folks who will not accept their book of miscellaneous quotes and a rather unruly, unkempt fellow named Mo. They don't talk. They target. Very out of touch with nature.

Moodah is disappointed that so many Muslims have decided to turn their backs on someone that was once held in high esteem. It is fair to say that they have learned nothing in 800 years. This, and other things, will be their undoing.

This portion of Moodah's Musings is brought to you by Purnell's Sausage - 'Cause it's gooo-od!

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Selfsap thinks if he pretends to be profound it lends a measure of integrity and viability to his fukked up religion. He needs to drive a cab and watch the ball games and STFU.
Yes, but I think that he's operating under duress. I believe that people at his mosque have threatened him - post to the infidels or you will be punished!

He is the Islamic version of a Jehovah's Witness.

Quote: Originally Posted by selfsameView Post

I assure you: it is you, Cruel Zionists, that will be fed up with.

By God's will, I will complement this subject later on.

Don't bother.
OK so God who gives all free will then reneges on his promise that it?
God the kind and loving father that goes about creating human misery?
God are you really saying he's a sociopath?
God goes about terrorizing people with punishments resulting from temper
tantrums when people don't do what he wants them to do is that it?
If that were true in the story of some we would be better off with the devil in charge
At least the devil figure is always sinister and evil but we know what he's about.

Then I looked at the resource center the Quaran oh well we find a different view of God.
Give me a break, God is not out to get people and shatter their lives.
People get into to trouble as a consequence of their actions, it has nothing to do with
God period it has to do with the person themselves.

The Bible, the Quaran and other books are like self help guides in the view of some and
no longer relevant in the eyes of many. What the hell is the point of living or even trying
if its all decided for you? People educated people are not zombies they think for themselves
and eventually come to the conclusion life is what you make it as an individual.
Some hate God, some blame God Some hide behind a religion to make excuses for themselves
in order to say its because of God.
For God sake take responsibility for yourself.
Spewing this stuff is getting you nowhere except to look foolish
No I do not condemn you actually I feel a bit sorry for you, you have turned off the think for yourself
Feel sorry for yourself.
In fact, I expected that you will show yourself here to say such repeated non-sense words.

Anyhow, God - be glorified - commanded the right and correct conduct of people and the righteousness; therefore, they will be punished for contradicting the correct and right way, and He commanded that man should not transgress on others, and if he does so He will be punished; while if man does righteous work, he will be rewarded .. like the law: man who obeys it, will be safe; and one who contradicts and opposes the law, will be punished... what's your problem then?

E.g. God commanded Adam not to approach the tree of the blackberry (that was for a reason: it had spikes which will tear his clothes and might wound him); so while he did not why he was commanded so, and Satan suggested to him that the tree is very good, and he will be immortal if he eats of it.

Therefore the command was for his advantage, and his disobedience caused harm to him, because the spikes of the tree tore his clothes.

But sadly, Nassir, all you bring is sorrow and anger to this place. A garden should be bright, airy and sweet smelling. You only bring hate, anger and division. The air hangs heavy with a foul stench. You have tainted the flowers.

Moodah teaches us that even a puddle of water in the street is pure until someone puts their foot in it and stirs up the silt. You have not learned to walk softly, and will suffer for that until the lesson is learned or until you die.

Oh Moodah, you are so wise!
I only remind us of what nature has given us and the lessons she provides, if we choose to open our eyes. Now walk in the puddles, Cricket, and enjoy life!


Crickets can't swim you monster. I hope none of them drown because of your dangerous religious indoctrination of them.
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Nah, that's actually not why. Satan was simply used as a mechanism to scare more people into believing. Mo' believers, mo' money.
The original concept of Hell wasn't eternal damnation either. You could actually "work" your way out of Hell and into Heaven. It was sort of a last chance idea, not to be confused with the Catholic concept of Limbo. Limbo is just a money grab.

I've actually done some thinking on the idea that "God created man in His own image". Because the oldest parts of the OT are allegorical, I think "image" means more than just physical appearance.
Let's assume for a moment that there is some sort of Creator out there. If there is, I think we're no more than some kind of experiment. Look at how we do scientific experiments. We set up the parameters and introduce the test subject(s) and let the experiment run its course with no further human input. We observe what is happening whether or not the experiment is going the way we hoped. In our case, the universe is the medium being used and we are the subjects of the experiment.
That would explain why "God" doesn't do jack sh*t for all the people in the world whose lives are hell through no fault of their own.

And in case anyone's wondering, 2-3 bowls of medical marijuana, 60mg oxycontin
and 20mg baclofen.
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