Human rights and freedom of expression are exploited to insult religions

Well considering the source, I'm not surprised.......

Deputy Foreign Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah on Wednesday called for tough action by governments against those who misuse freedom of expression to attack divine religions and Prophets.

Addressing the 17th Non-Aligned Movement Conference in Algiers, he said such provocative actions were threatening global peace and stability.

“Saudi Arabia emphasizes its commitment to the movement's principles to face the rapidly changing regional and international situations,” the prince told the gathering.

He added: “The international law is violated and the principles of human rights and freedom of expression are exploited to insult religions and their symbols for political purposes.”

The Kingdom cautions that the escalation of this grave and massive violations threatens world peace. Therefore, the Kingdom calls on assessing and reviewing the role and effectiveness of the movement in protecting and promoting security and stability in the world.

“Based on the principles of the movement, we are looking forward to a more active and positive role to support the Palestinian people and their national authority to obtain their legitimate rights including an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital,” the deputy minister said.

He said Saudi Arabia strongly condemns all acts carried out by the Israeli occupation authority in Jerusalem to change the historical and religious identity and legal status of the holy places in the city.

Saudi Arabia is a member of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and is totally committed to its provisions, Prince Abdul Aziz said. Thus, the Kingdom is committed to make the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, he added.

Saudi Arabia rejects and condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, he said, adding that the Kingdom cooperates with the international community to eliminate this universal evil.

KSA: Don’t misuse freedom of expression to attack divine religions | Arab News — Saudi Arabia News, Middle East News, Opinion, Economy and more. (external - login to view)
Judaism preceded Islam so it's the Muzzis who are rewriting history.
Saudi Arabia has reiterated its call on the international community to criminalize any act vilifying religious beliefs and symbols of faith as well as all kinds of discrimination based on religion.

At a July 25 symposium on media coverage of religious symbols in international law, Abdulmajeed Al-Omari, director for external relations at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, said:

“We have made it clear that freedom of expression without limits or restrictions would lead to violation and abuse of religious and ideological rights. This requires everyone to intensify efforts to criminalize insulting heavenly religions, prophets, holy books, religious symbols and places of worship.”

He argued these steps must be taken to prevent intolerance.

What Saudi Arabia is in effect arguing for is a global blasphemy law, immunizing Islam from criticism. Islamist extremists have long sought to prevent all depictions of the Muhammed, founder of Islam, whether drawn by a Muslim or non-Muslim, through violence.

By demanding an end to criticism of religion at this symposium, Saudi Arabia is attempting to impose the rigid blasphemy codes of its own theocratic society onto the rest of the world.

After all, it seems unlikely they are calling for an end to the rampantly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian material propagated through official Saudi state school textbooks.


Saudi Arabia Calls On World To Ban Criticism of Religion (external - login to view)
Trudeau Jr has to stand up and support Trudeau Sr who wrote Canada's Charter

That's my headline and my belief. As I have stated elsewhere on this forum I still have problem with people wanting to change the Country they came to after fleeing the Country they came from. We would be no better than Saudi Arabia or others if we adopt any regulation similar to 103.......

Justin Trudeau was asked about M-103 during a town hall meeting in Yellowknife Friday, with a participant questioning how the motion squares with Trudeau's claim to be a feminist. The questioner said by referencing Islamaphobia, M-103 risks silencing voices critical of oppressive practices rooted in Sharia law.

In a seven-minute response, Trudeau said fundamental rights and freedoms are enshrined in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but that individual rights must be balanced with others in our society. Determining the parameters is an ongoing discussion in a dynamic, successful society like ours, he said.

Trudeau said the motion aims to address the fact there is a community that is "particularly vulnerable these days to intolerance and discrimination."

"You're not allowed to call 'Fire!' in a crowded movie theatre and call that free speech," Trudeau said.

"That endangers our community. And as we saw 10 days ago in Quebec City, there are other things that can endanger our communities. And we need to stand strongly and firmly against that."

Liberal MP's anti-Islamophobia motion set for debate on Wednesday - Politics - CBC News

Khalid said her office has been swamped with hateful messages over Motion 103

The motion, introduced by Liberal Mississauga–Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid, would in no way change Canadian hate crime laws, nor does it call for further limiting Canadians’ Charter-guaranteed right to freedom of expression.

But over the weekend, prominent Conservative MPs vying for the party’s leadership say they’ve been convinced to vote against the bill.

“Is this motion a first step towards restricting our right to criticize Islam?” wrote Maxime Bernier (external - login to view), one of the race’s leading candidates, over the weekend.

Adding to the confusion, Global News reported Thursday that the Conservatives voted for an anti-Islamophobia motion (external - login to view) only five months ago.

No ideology should ever be above criticism (external - login to view)

Human rights and freedom of expression are exploited to insult religions

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah on Wednesday called for tough action by governments against those who misuse freedom of expression to attack divine religions and Prophets. (external - login to view)

Saudi Arabia Tells Quebec To Shut The F*%# Up (external - login to view)

Ottawa imam; Satirical Pics of religious leaders should be illegal (external - login to view)
If she wants to help fight intolerance against ALL religions then mention ALL religions....

Our Heritage Minister saying the conservatives are being cynical is false... And if the best counter to the conservatives compromise is to call them cynical and intolerant, then of course Canadians are going to resist the motion.

Even people who support the motion admit the wording is pretty vague...


believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
"her cynical attitude"
concerned only with one's own interests and typically disregarding accepted or appropriate standards in order to achieve them.
"a cynical manipulation of public opinion"

By only having the one religion mentioned by name in the motion and refusing to accept the addition of other religions by name in the same motion strikes the majority of people as being CYNICAL...
No, the reality is, she's a blowhard looking for some free press. Apparently, she's getting that publicity. It's her 15 minutes of fame.
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If she wants to help fight intolerance against ALL religions then mention ALL religions....

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There it is
5 things to know about the Commons motion on Islamophobia - Politics - CBC News


3. What is Islamophobia?

Much of the debate inside the House of Commons and across the country focused on this word, and whether its reference in the motion will tackle the growing problem head-on, or erode free speech. The Liberals insist the word is clear and well understood, while the Conservatives say it's confusing and potentially harmful.

On Wednesday Khalid offered this: "What is Islamophobia? The most commonly used definition, and the one I ascribe to, is that Islamophobia is the irrational hatred of Muslims that leads to discrimination," she said.

Anderson countered: "This is a word that we see often but one that many people are uncomfortable with because they do not know what it includes."

Karim Achab, a linguistics professor at the University of Ottawa, said any word with "phobia," such as claustrophobia, sociophobia or homophobia, implies a disorder and suggests people who have a negative opinion about Islam and who are vocal about it should be seeking medical or psychological help.

He believes the term is used to make people feel guilty and silence criticism about Islam. He said a more appropriate term would be one using the prefix anti-, as in anti-Semitism.

Amira Elghawaby, spokeswoman for the National Council of Canadian Muslims, said the term Islamophobia is commonly used in Canada is to describe the irrational fear or hatred of Muslims that leads to discrimination or actual acts of harassment or violence.

She said the term is widely used by community members, public officials and academics, as well by international organizations including the United Nations, and called it "unfortunate" that the divisive debate is shifting focus away from collective efforts to make everyone feel safer.

Oxford Dictionary defines Islamophobia as "dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force," while Webster's online dictionary defines it as "prejudice against Muslims." Merriam-Webster offers a definition most similar to Khalid's, which is "irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against Islam or people who practise Islam."

There is also the Cairo declaration of Islamophobia, as im sure there are many more alternate definitions out there of the word.
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As tragic as was the attack on the innocent Muslims at the Mosque in Quebec, and the obvious assault to JT's sensitivity, it cannot and must not take away any rights or freedom of expression. Canadians need to fight any semblance of erosion to freedom, or acceptance of special pre-eminence for any group, and especially not in our government, where it cannot be perceived as anything but entitlement.
Yeah well eff Anderson as well. I and most of us know what Phobia means and no, in this case people who use it do not need help. I am claustrophobic and have never seeked help. And really claustrophobic to the point that I avoid elevators whenever I can. This is a theocracy issue, not a racial one, at lest for me.

I am a strict realist and favour no religion but the following is wrong as well.........

A Christian boy in Pakistan accused of disrespecting the world’s most sacred Islamic landmark has been refused bail.

Nabeel Masih, 16, has been kept in custody, despite lawyers arguing he should be released owing to his age and because he has no prior convictions, reported.

Masih was reported to police on Sept. 17 2016 and arrested the next day, prompting many local Christians to go into hiding, in fear of reprisals.

Pakistan is ranked sixth on the Open Doors’ World Watch List 2016 of countries where being a Christian is hardest.

The Christian organization reported: “Pakistan’s blasphemy laws continue to be abused to settle personal scores, particularly against minorities including Christians (external - login to view)
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In a free and open society we should have the right to make fun of anything
including ourselves. Who says religion is of divine nature? Religion has
become a commodity a product and nothing more
French Patriot
Religions use their free speech to denigrate and discriminate against women and gays all the time.

If they can denigrate others, why should they seek an exemption from us.

Reciprocity is fair play and to muzzle the rest of us would not be fair play.

Democratic governments have a clue as to the value of free speech.

Perhaps it is time for use to educate religions about equality under the law.


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In a free and open society we should have the right to make fun of anything
including ourselves. Who says religion is of divine nature? Religion has
become a commodity a product and nothing more

I see it as more but not in a positive light.

I see them and their homophobic and misogynous ways as harming society more than helping it.


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Human rights and freedom of expression are exploited to insult religions

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah on Wednesday called for tough action by governments against those who misuse freedom of expression to attack divine religions and Prophets.

Divine religions??

Both Islam and Christianity have grown their religions with military might instead of moral authority and good deeds.

To call either of those religions divine is to insult the divine.

Perhaps the secular world should deny religions the right to lie anout what they are.

War loving tribes.

Well now, this one is an unscrupulous attempt at poking the liberties some enjoy "in some countries', who would be the Abdullah's intended audience of course!! This was a challenge for sure. Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah mentions Israel specifically, which is the point of hatred here, but make no mistake, it includes all free world, this is Saudi! My rights and my freedom of expression can offend anybody who cares to listen to them; it will not deter me nor will it ever make me second guess myself when expression my freedom. If ever I want to suppress my freedom or abandon them for whatever as#wit reason, I will move to Saudi Arabia, where Sharia condemns freedoms (notice I didn't type 'a few freedom').

Saudi Arabia should not be preaching against, since their criminal law includes beheading, hanging, stoning, amputation and lashing. Their criminal law includes apostasy, witchcraft and sorcery (poor woman!!), the Mabahith and Mutawa are abusers, but claim to be secret police!! Homosexuality is a crime punishable with fines, floggings, jail (for life), torture, chemical cassations, whipping, and death penalty, Sharia promotes these neanderthall practices, so thank you Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, but we've been there, back in the barbaric era's.
French Patriot
Well put.

Lest we forget, in Christianity, adherents are also taught that we should not suffer a witch to live.

African witches and Jesus


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