And He Walked Away

Watched the game on Sunday. My first thought was that Miller was dead. I couldn't believe it when he got up and walked off the field.

YouTube - Health Miller's Hit during Raven's game Nov 5 2010
lone wolf
Lucky him.... That looked like it should have been some nasty neck injuries at the very least.
From a distance it didn't look like much, but up close. Oooh.
Definetly a bell ringer.
For all the attention focused on Pittsburgh during the NFL's recent campaign against "dangerous hits", its ironic that the Miller took this shot and Roethlisburger took multiple shots & facemasks (including one that broke his nose) with no calls. I'm waiting to see if there will be any fines. I saw one of my wife's friends on FB betting James Harrison will get fined for Roethlisburger's broken nose :/