This is an update to the thread Stasi Style police state forming in the UK, Britian and Canada.

One of the points that came out of that discussion is that even if it was revealed that we were moving towards such a society, people really at the end of the day might not care.

Here are some recent articles about what is in store. The articles primarily apply to the US, but the same senarios are happening here in Canada and the UK.

Here are some wonderful recent articles about what is happening. The articles apply to the States, but they are more so true for Canada.


The article is about Obama's speech a call to service, where he plans to have large chunks of the American population employed by the State, welfare will be available if you are serving the state, middle school and college kids will be required to serve the state, he also talks about plans to expand Americor and other civillian outfits. The speach reminded me of at best Castro and Cuba and at worst WWII Germany. Watch the video and let me know what you think.


Here is the video for those who do not like to read.


Forgive the source, but the information is correct. The US and other countries for years have been turning their own citizens into the eyes and ears of the state. Civillian Spies, Citizen Informants.


Talks about police, firefighters, civil servants, all being trained to be the eyes and ears of the state. Let's not forget the dozens of other programs of the same caliber.

Here is some info from the http://www.TheHiddenEvil.com


Welcome. This website is devoted to explaining a global program of torture, murder & persecution which I call the Hidden Evil. It includes a vast network of plain-clothed citizen informants, which is used for public stalking, & the use of Directed Energy Weapons on targeted individuals. All core factions of the community are involved, & everyone, from seniors to children, participates in Gang Stalking. Governments have used these groups in some form since the Roman Empire. The Hidden Evil is an example of this pattern repeating itself.

The citizens' network patrols the streets of your neighborhoods. The evidence suggests that this network is not just part of a sub-culture within society, but that it literally permeates all aspects of it, & is therefore, part of the mainstream. As I'll demonstrate, this has happened before. The network is the creation of supra-governmental Think Tanks, which are made up of people of tremendous wealth. These Think Tanks manipulate your government like a puppet. So, in essence, these wealthy individuals control your streets.

The public front portion of the program currently appears to emanate from a Department of Homeland Security initiative, known as, Citizen Corps. It is partnered with a National Neighborhood Watch program called, USAonWatch, which conducts citizen patrols. It is directed by FEMA, the FBI, & the National Sheriffs' Association. The public front is supported by individuals & groups of informants, that have no official ties to any state organization, & is also run by the FBI & other federal agencies. These federal agencies work directly with local governments to coordinate the activities of this colossal network. Other countries apparently have similar ones.

The citizen patrols (Gang Stalking) are done under the guise of keeping an eye on internal threats to state security & cleaning up neighborhoods. As I'll demonstrate, this is exactly what the informant networks in East Germany & Russia were told when they were recruited into these state-sponsored programs. These are essentially global Psychological Warfare operations, done with the support of the civilian population. On the neighborhood level, despite claims of patriotism, the main reasons for their participation are empowerment & adventure.

We have a real problem and many are not talking about this, or can not do to National Security Letters or similar versions of the same. A code of silence as we move into a very dangerous time period, if we are not there already.