Trolley good show - metallic art. (Ptolemy Elrington)


Dumped supermarket trolleys litter our rivers and canals. Now one artist is rescuing them... to create these incredible wire sculptures that celebrate our water wildlife...
ęDrew Gardner

Ptolemy Elrington with his giant heron made from old supermarket trolleys pulled out from the river.
ęDrew Gardner

The osprey is the perfect fisherman, using its feet and sharp eyesight to hunt. This metal version, however, should perhaps keep clear of open water.
ęDrew Gardner


Ptolemy Elrington's shopping trolley dragonfly displays its huge wingspan.
ęDrew Gardner

Ptolemy Elrington's favourite creation - the crayfish.
ęDrew Gardner

A frog, with wheels for eyes, searches in vain for a metallic lillypad to rest on.
ęDrew Gardner

A metallic bittern gazes upwards...
ęDrew Gardner

A kingfisher proudly poses with its helpless victim.
ęDrew Gardner
I think these sculptures are awesome and way outrank some of the rubbish shown in art galleries around the world. Sadly they would probably be vandalised if on public display but wouldn't they look great in a park/lake side setting.
good stuff. satirical, beautiful, recycling.
I love it. Ptolemy Elrington has taken discarded material and ingeniously produced asthectically pleasing art to soothe the eye and heart. Ptolemy Erlington should get sponsored for a North American tour, once some smart person sponors him on a tour all over Canada.
Please forgive me. I had no idea that Ptolemy was already a famous artist. My previous reply was without knowledge of his world renowed status. That was evident in his artwork which emerged from discarded trolleys. Truly amazing artistry.
This guy has some other cool stuff:

lone wolf
Wow! Bubbles is missing out on opportunity....

Beautiful concept.

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