Notebook slow down...................

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For the last month or so I noticed that my notebook was getting sluggish..
At first I thought it was my internet connection, but local applications were slow in loading...
I managed to run an analyzing application called Speccy and the first thing I noticed was that the ram memory didn't make sense.
I recalled that I had a similar problem charging my phone...(It was taking longer and longer)
The charging wire was always in the same usb plugin and I had rightly figured out that the contacts had slowly become corroded. so I applied the same fix to the ram memory modules .......Some contact cleaner spray ...and voila....problem solved!

This type of problem is so gradual that you don't see it coming!

Hope this helps someone else!
Speccy is a handy tool. I got my version from "MajorGeeks" which is a great place for real decent software and reviews, mostly for free.

There are a few similar sites like "file hippo" which are great places to check BEFORE you buy software, because they might have something as good, or even at times, better than the costlier stuff.
Yup! I like file Hippo and major geeks is also in my bookmarks...
Great idea to clean the contacts.
my tower slows to a crawl and starts beeping. Microsoft told me that the tower needs to be upgraded with a faster processor. I would have loved to have done that but processors are expensive.
bill barilko
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my tower slows to a crawl and starts beeping....

Then stop posting so much useless idiotic bull.
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Then stop posting so much useless idiotic bull.

nothing that you have posted is wonderful either. quit being a pos.

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