Businesses fear looming LRT chaos

Eglinton Ave. shop owner Connie Gougos is bracing — with trepidation — for the disruption, traffic congestion and chaos to come once construction starts on the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT line.

Like many businesses along the Eglinton Way — a stretch of mostly mom-and-pop shops located between Chaplin Cres. And Avenue Rd. — the owner of the Petite Alternative women’s store has had enough of a challenge in recent years dealing with red tape, high business taxes, over-the-top rents and rabid parking control officers (the latter being my words, not hers).

Despite assurances from the TTC’s Blue Suits, Gougos is not convinced they have learned their lessons from the 6.7-kilometre St. Clair dedicated streetcar line fiasco.

“They haven’t really proven since then that they can do a better job,” she told me recently, noting most businesses in the neighbourhood are “skeptical” that the TTC can deliver the job on time, on budget and with minimal disruption.

“Businesses are going to die for at least three years,” predicts Anthony Mitsouras, who owns a local coffee shop with his wife.

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Businesses fear looming LRT chaos | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun
Businesses complaining about competition.

Here's a local coffee shop owner with his insightful analysis.

Brought to you by the best newspaper evar.
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Quote: Originally Posted by mentalflossView Post

Businesses complaining about competition.

Competition? They're complaining and worried because their businesses will be impacted, and if St Clair is any indication, heavily.

Not about competition. Hell, even the title of the article makes it clear what they're worrying about.

You really should stop trying to farcically spin everything to fit your agenda and make it easier for you to dismiss. It makes you look like an ideologue.


Here's a local coffee shop owner with his insightful analysis.

Based on what we all witnessed on St Clair.

Well some of us anyways. People like you, with blinders on, see nothing that might cause you to think outside your ideological box.


Brought to you by the best newspaper evar.

Sorry, the Star seems to have stopped reporting the news.

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