Ottawa police to start collecting race-based data

Ottawa police to start collecting race-based data
Teen alleged racial profiling at traffic stop

Ottawa police will start collecting race-based data on traffic stops for at least two years as part of the settlement between the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Ottawa Police Services Board.

The practice is to start within a year. It stems from a human rights complaint by an Ottawa man who accused police of racial profiling after a traffic stop in 2005.

Chad Aiken, who was 18 at the time, alleged he was pulled over while driving his mother's Mercedes, then taunted and punched in the chest by an Ottawa police officer.

Aiken also said the officer was driving in the opposite direction before taking a U-turn and pulling him over.

The financial aspects of the settlement are unknown. A partial settlement was reached in the summer of 2010.

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal agreed to hear Aiken's case because he had an audio recording of his conversation with the officer that his girlfriend recorded using her cellphone during the incident.

In 2010, the court heard the cellphone recording where Aiken was heard asking for the officer's badge number. The officer responded "666" — the number associated with the devil.

The officer was never identified after an Ottawa police internal investigation and no charges were ever laid.

Lawyers for both sides were encouraged to settle the case when the trial began.

Ottawa police to start collecting race-based data - Ottawa - CBC News
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Finally getting colour driver's license pics out that way?
You can never have enough info to do any job.
Free Thinker
The guy gets punched, everyone forgets about that it appears, because the real issue is race. We're all racialists, a racialist is someone who acknowledges the existence of race, which includes everyone in the world. But hey, it's not scientific, so it's not really real. Just collect stats on it. Gotta love it.

How can the financial settlement not be disclosed. More Canadian corruption. Not so genteel or nice to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mentalflossView Post

Aiken also said the officer was driving in the opposite direction before taking a U-turn and pulling him over.


He was going the opposite direction?

He pulled a U turn to pull him over?

Say it isn't so!!!
When I was a youngie, we used to make some money driving new cars from a car lot here, to a lot in Ottawa. We got pulled over lots...............a 18 year old driving a brand new Chrysler............go figure.

I used to think it was because I was white (well, pink, eh), but the officer explained that I just looked like a young punk who had stolen a brand new plates and all.

No human gripes tribunals back in them days.
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Collecting "stats" on race. The police will have plenty of fun with that. What's the criteria? Not to mention the extra police time and costs that will be taken to handle this new information. Useless.

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