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Fallout of Bin Laden Raid: Aid Groups in Pakistan Are Suspect

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — In the shadows of the American operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the fate of a small-town Pakistani doctor recruited by the C.I.A. to help track the Qaeda leader still looms between the two countries, a sore spot neither can leave untouched. Picked up by Pakistani intelligence agents days after the Bin Laden raid a year ago and now in secret detention, the doctor, Shakil Afridi, has embodied the tensions between Washington and Islamabad. To some American officials he is a hero, worthy of praise and protection; Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has personally appealed for his release. But inside Pakistan’s powerful military, still smarting from the raid on its soil, he is seen as a traitor who should face treason charges that could bring his execution. “We need to make an example of him,” one senior intelligence official said. Beyond hard feelings and talk, however, his case has had a much wider effect: It has also roiled the humanitarian community in Pakistan, giving rise to a wave of restrictions that have compromised multimillion dollar aid operations serving millions of vulnerable Pakistanis.

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As I understand it, Dr. Afridi was recruited/bribed by the CIA to collect DNA samples as he was immunizing against polio in areas where the CIA believed OBL and other al Qaeda associates might be residing. Pakistan's ISI got a confession during interrogation/torture, and now he's being hung out on the rack...figuratively and probably at times literally. I wouldn't say the US has abandoned him, but he's likely been getting the Pakistani version of Gitmo for nearly a year...
Why they ought to be bombed! ........ What's that??? .... they have been??? ..... HF that many civilian causalities in that short time?? .....HF

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