Remember that 3.9 quake that hit California the other day

that no one really worried about? Um, yeah, about that (external - login to view)

The earthquake may have measured only a 3.9, but it still could make history in Orange County.

Monday's temblor, centered in the southern suburb of Laguna Niguel, could be the first measured on a fault discovered only 13 years ago and running along the coast from Newport Beach and Costa Mesa to San Juan Capistrano close to the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

The little-known fault called the San Joaquin Hills thrust is similar to the fault that triggered the deadly Northridge quake in the San Fernando Valley 18 years ago.

Unlike the famous San Andreas fault, which can be seen on the surface, the fracture in the earth's crust that makes up the San Joaquin Hills thrust fault is entirely underground. Because there is no visible break in the earth's crust at ground level, the fault is perhaps more dangerous because it's unclear exactly where the boundaries are.

Scientists weren't aware of the blind thrust faults that triggered the 6.7 Northridge earthquake in 1994, or the 6.0 Whittier Narrows quake in 1987, until after the ground began shaking.

more nothing to worry about stuff:

O.C. quake was small, but it could make history - (external - login to view)
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hopefully there will be an earthquake powerful enough to swallow the kardashians.

Adios California.. just 8 months left on the Mayan calender.


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