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Who pays for something from someone when you don't have to?

The point is, as always, they have to, there's a contract.


Did Indians roaming across pre-Columbian America pay each other when they sorted out their living spaces? No, they won their land by force. Oh, they made solemn deals, smoking, hugs, embraces, smooches, dancing, and marriages, and they still broke many sacred deals. Deals that were surely supposed to last as long as the rain fell, the buffalos buffaloed, and the rivers flowed, etc. How romantic! Someone should make a movie about these honest and upright types, it would sell.

They have a word for what you just posted, it's called speculation. I'm more partial to the word bullsh!t mind you.

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Because these entrepreneurs have delusions of making their own country.

1, Many Nations have never ceded sovereignty.
2, Many Nations have never ceded territory.
3, It's actually a fundamental human right.


That said, they need better health care, but they ought to be able to provide to themselves first on their reserve, rather than sell it to others. Being a business, often only a small group benefits and the majority continue to live in poverty.

I'll cite Rama as proof of the exact opposite.


I don't see the benefit of that.

There's literally tons of things you don't see.