GM crops - Out of Control? YES!! - Evidence in report

Our government - Liberal or Conservative - drags its feet pandering to corporate wishes NOT to label products and foods that are genetically modified [GM "contaminated"?] , which has the effect of not allowing consumers to "vote" with their purchases where we are not in favour of GM products. Thats not democratic, it is a sign of corporate rule.

AS this plays out in back rooms, the GM crops are growing. Growing more and more out of control.

Some of the incidents identified were:

* Pork meat from genetically engineered pigs being sold to consumers;

* Ordinary crops being contaminated with GM crops containing pharmaceuticals;

* Growing and international distribution of illegal antibiotic resistant Maize seeds;

* Planting of outlawed GM crops which have been smuggled into countries;

* Mixing of unapproved GM crops in food, including shipments of food aid;

* Inadvertent mixing of different GM strains even in high-profile scientific field trials.

Whoa!! - the pharmaceuticals getting into regular crops/food is scary eh? - this is crops that were designed to 'grow' the exact molecule of a pharmaceutical pill, like Prozac for eg., have been found growing in regular crops, and the concern is that they will spread their genetic info to regular plants and crops... And we know what nature can do with genetic information! It could end up everywhere.

GM Contamination Report: Full Report - link -


A report released this month by Greenpeace and GeneWatch U.K., titled "GM Contamination Report 2005" shows disturbing results.

Those who were skeptical about allowing GM crops to be commercially grown may now be witnessing the first realizations of their concerns. The report reveals 113 cases in which supposedly controlled GM crops have "leaked" into the natural environment.These are the exact concerns that were voiced when GM crops were first proposed.

"These are the exact concerns that were voiced when GM crops were first proposed" is a phrase of concern because we predicted several immense problems , based on sound research, if Monsanto etc were allowed to go ahead with their GM plans. It appears they will come to pass, and the results will be the previously life-on-earth-as-we-know-it- sustaining crops being lost forever as their genetic material becomes contaminated.
Personally, I believe that was the plan all along...

LETS demand that this Parliament has a discussion on GM crops, with a bill introduced early next parliament. This may be '3rd only to global warming and Bush nukes' as the biggest threat to humankind. Of course, Harper will side with the corporations and not the consumers...

"North Americans have been eating unlabeled GMO (genetically modified) food for 10 years now. There is no net benefit of GMOs as witnessed by the rise in disease and skin sensitivities.

Environmentalists celebrate as UN rejects terminator seed technology.
Dateline: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 (external - login to view)

"If you take the rights of farmers to save seeds, the local seeds are gone. Choice is taken away.

"Seventy percent of crops in Canada come from farm saved seed, including 90 percent of wheat.


"Six months ago Monsanto had to release its own research on GMOs to the British government. It showed that GM crops lead to blood destruction and tumours, depressed immune systems and skin disorders like rashes and eczemas, plus they lead to food sensitivities in children, which does not happen with heritage seeds."

"We've been sold a commercial food system that enriches big food and pharmaceutical corporations and sickens the populace and environment, and impoverishes the farmers and the health care budget."

The people of the world have spoken.
The corporate plan has been slowed.
Terminator tech won't be on the UN table again until at least 2008.
.... Will Canada be promoting it then again?
Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing some vigilante activity on this issue. Burn as many GM crops as possible and boycott the shite they call beef/pork/chicken fed this garbage (along with all the steroids, hormones and antibiotics). Even the starvng African nations won't accept this stuff!!!! On the other hand, having grand-kids who can literally provide an extra helping hand or two around the house could have it's advantages.
The meat sold in this country is tasteless crap, it's fed crap, it's shot full of crap while it's alive, it's sprayed and shot full of crap again when it's dead.
Thank heavens for GM food.

It will wipe out hunger one day.
I think not
I live for the day GM produces edible Beaver stew, I can think of at least one beaver we can volunteer for the experiment.
No one will be hungry when thier dead.
Quote: Originally Posted by I think not

I live for the day GM produces edible Beaver stew, I can think of at least one beaver we can volunteer for the experiment.

Beaver Stew.... (external - login to view)
And all this time I thought Stewed Beaver was what ya found at a pub on Friday night... .I stand corrected.
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