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Authoritarian left 3 12.00%
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The Old Medic
None of the above, because those are caricatures of political leanings.
I'll pencil you in as 0,0.
In Between Man

Last Man Standing

There might have been a way out of the city, but he didn't care, and he didn't have anywhere to go regardless. Any inhabited place of possible escape would have people willing to turn him over. Besides, he had grown accustomed to the graffiti covered brick walls and dingy hiding spots that he now made home every night since the socialists took over. In reality it was far worse than that however, there was still a homicidal mob after him and he sensed his war might finally be over.

Searching for rats to eat in the mesh of alleys, he came across a group of friendlies huddled over a fire. He knew these guys well, they were the remnants of the Libertarian-Right party and he was uneasily welcomed by them.

"Look, grab a piece of rat meat, get warm, but then you gotta go... before it gets dark."

He knew why, but he still asked. "Something wrong?"

Someone else from the crowd piped up "We don't want the mob to see us with you."

Our hero just kept his eyes glancing down, trying to separate his mind from the awkwardness. He wasn't going to be in their company tonight and they had no hesitation telling him so.

"They've been sweeping the alleys looking for you... you know they'll never let it go... for all those things you said..." they explained.

They tried to reason with him "Alley... you know they said we can still be right-minded, they just won't allow anyone to be so authoritative in their principles."

"You want me to compromise! You want me to appease!!" he retorted.

They would have kicked him out of their camp right then and there if they weren't startled by a chap abruptly running into camp huffing and puffing.

"The... socialists are coming! ... The socialists are coming!"

Now our hero could finally see how clever his comrades hiding spot was, as they scurried behind a dumpster, through a hole and into the basement of an abandoned building. Against the liking of his group, the camp leader tried to convince our hero to come with.

"Get in. It's a good hiding spot, they'll never find you."

"Why? Just so they can find me the next day!? Just so they can find me two towns over!? They took my land, they took my guns, and the only freedom I have left is the choice between hiding or fighting... well I'm sick of hiding!" said our hero.

"Look! You're the only authoritarian-right guy left in town... you're a major trophy for them..." his comrade pleaded.

Our hero had that look in his eyes, a mixture of the warrior-spirit and acceptance for what was about to happen.

"Let them tear me apart" he said calmly, banging his fist on his heart.

Now alone, he could hear them coming. He could see their torches lighting the walls as they got closer. They erupted with glee when they spotted him, standing and waiting for them in an open space. As they ran up to meet him, our hero infuriated them further by straightly holding up his small, tattered bible and shouting religious doctrine at the top of his lungs.

Never before would you see a man so valiantly hold off his attackers and fight to the end. For several minutes he remained standing and fighting, but was slowly weakened and eventually the crowd overwhelmed him. They jeered like banshees as they tugged and pulled on their prize. They planned to take his bloodied corpse to the city centre, to parade it before the masses; but, they found themselves cloaked in fear, scattering, as a bright, pure light broke from the heavens, and the Lord's voice made the command:

"Come up here!!!"

The End!

(Hope you got a chuckle)

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