American Wanting to move back to Toronto, Need Advice

Hi, I was in Toronto between 2007 and january 2nd 2009. I wanna go back, because after coming here I find My home country America.... boring, and everything is going to **** no matter where you go. My daughter is Canadian born and her mother has landed status as well as Pemenent Residence. We are seperated at the momen. So I have the following questions.

-Would it make things easier, process wise, that my Daughter is Canadian if I applied for Permenent Residence?

-Is It Possible for me to obtain an Open Work Permit over the border at customs?

- Are there any boards or sites with job postings within Ontario or Calgary looking to hire Americans abroad?

Any Info would be appreciated thanks!!!!
There are lots of government sites with the answers to your questions. Why don't you just google your question so that your answers are true rather than someone's best guess.
This is Kutz, had to remake a new name. Neways, I googled for about four hours straight and didn't really find a direct answer to any of my questions. Mainly I am just wondering what are the best steps to take to come back up into Canada if my daughter is Canadian Born, although I'm American.
The economy is better out west.

Check to see if you can apply for a TN (TradeNAFTA) visa. It is the easiest way to get into Canada. Otherwise, check on your familial relationship with your daughter. You can find it on the government website. It is my understanding that it is not particularly difficult to enter Canada if you have an immediate relative there.
Application Forms and Guides (external - login to view)

Welcome to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (external - login to view)

Immigrating to Canada: Sponsoring your family (external - login to view)
thank you for the response it was very helpful, and as far as out west, you mean Calgary?

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