I am currently on a working visa and have 4 months left before it expires. I have just been offered a permanent position with a Canadian company. However, I cannot work beyond the expiry date without a valid visa or permit. What options are now available to me, and what is the best course of action to take?

a) should I attempt to extend my working visa? Is this possible?

b) I hear that my company could be asked to 'sponsor' me, and am told this means they would have to pay legal fees - what legal fees? A fee to stay in the country? If so, how much??

c) I see on the Canadian government website an option to apply to participate in the 'Skilled Worker Program'

d) There is also an application for a Work Permit. However, these last two options seem to be geared towards foreigners who are not already working in Canada.

Anybody who has experienced this situation, please do share with me the options and consequences because I really have no idea, and things are going so well here I don't want to be forced to leave because I was unprepared.

I have a Canadian partner who might also be prepared to 'sponsor' me - but again, would he have to pay legal fees upfront? Again, what legal fees??

Thanks so much if you can help.