Trudeau speaks only French, despite English questions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered questions ranging from local concerns about public transit to tabling new federal pot legislation at Tuesday night's town hall in Sherbrooke, Que., and he answered them all in French because, he said, "we're in Quebec."

A woman asked in English what would be done to help Anglo-Quebecers seeking mental health services when those services are only available in French.

"Thank you for your use of both official languages," Trudeau replied in French.

"But we're in a French province so I will answer in French," he answered, as the woman grew visibly annoyed.


Justin Trudeau speaks only French at Sherbrooke town hall, despite English questions - Montreal - CBC News
How far behind was the English translation?? 10 seconds??? Good thing our skin is a bit thicker than (you know) the French Canucks.
lone wolf
Why do they think Harper ran Reform on "No More Quebec Prime Ministers"
Quote: Originally Posted by MHzView Post

How far behind was the English translation?? 10 seconds??? Good thing our skin is a bit thicker than (you know) the French Canucks.

Read the article, watch the video and you will understand there was no translator which is why this is an issue.

She asked a question in English about the lack of services in English and got a French answer.......
One more good reason to never elect a PM from Quebec.
Hmmm... I actually agree with a policy of official uningualism because it saves money. For example, we could do French in Quebec and English in Ontario, as an example.

If we went by that standard, then Trudeau would already have gone above and beyond his duty by even answering the question.

As for myself, I adopt a policy of locally dominant language by default but respond in kind to the degree possible. In other words, in Montreal for example, I'll address a person in French first but will immediately switch to English on request. It's just easier to adopt a default language than to have to try to guess what language each person speaks.

Had Trudeau adopted the same policy, then he too would have spoken French by default but addressed a question in English in English.

The big problem here is contradiction. He says he's for official bilingualism but then acts as if he favours official unilingualism. Which is it? If he favours official bilingualism, then he should ensure that everything is translated between both official languages at all times. If acts as if he supports official unilingualism like I do, then he should just be honest about it and say that he favours official unilingualism. Why claim to favour the one but then act as if he favours the other. Which is it?

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