What brought that on? Well, like most Quebecers, on Sunday night he watched Tout le monde en parle, the wildly popular Radio-Canada talk show. The special guest was his recently-estranged wife Julie Snyder, a star on his Quebecor-owned TVA network; she disclosed they were engaged in a difficult divorce mediation, negotiating custody and visitation rights for their two young children, a 10-year old son and a 7-year old daughter.

They were married in a celebrity wedding in Quebec City just last August, but separated less than six months later in January.

Péladeau evidently was devastated by the interview and decided, then and there, that he was quitting politics after less than a year as PQ leader.

The next morning, he went to PQ headquarters in Montreal, informed the staff of his decision, and had them schedule a lunch-hour conference call with the party caucus.

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