Let's fix Saskatchewan's mess

As a full time resident of Edmonton (age 21) with a farm in western third of Saskatchewan, I believe it's time for Alberta to repatriate the "other half" and clean up the Saskatchewan's mess. This entails scrapping every law and municipal goverance that currently exists and applying the Alberta standard. As a career statistician I have some insight into trouble plaguing Saskatchewan's demographics, and the inaccuracy of ratio estimators used in predicting its population between censuses. If Saskatchewan can barely pay for healthcare now, what does the future hold in fifty years with an aboriginal majority?
If we want Alberta to be a great province, we need to be a big province but more importantly we need to be known for our leadership and social conscience. I cannot bare to have my farm and the western third of Saskatchewan I love destroyed under Regina's restrictive grasp when border cities Medicine Hat and Fort Mac will exclipse its population in the next half century.
Stay in Edmonton buddy. If you love Saskatchewan so much you would be here! I love what we have here, don't need to become second class citizens in Alberta. You want to Alberta to be a great province. Fix your own problems first then worry about other provinces. You sold out when you left this province. You no longer have a right to bitch about us!
Second class citizens? Alberta has been trying to get Saskatchewan to sit at the table for 15 years to discuss things. You think that since they share a border city with us (Lloydminster) your government would be interested in harmonizing things. Saskatchewan could make a fortune selling surplus electricity here if they wanted, like BC does. Lougheed tried for years in the late 70's to get Blakeney to connect Saskatchewan to our grid. The last major deal struck was Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in 1989 and look how successful that has been. We don't think lowly of Saskatchewan at all, there's so much untapped potential if we worked together.
Oh right I missed a big one, we also let you have the Husky Oil Lloydminster Upgrader on your side. Thank Grant Devine for that one and the millions you collect in tax each year.

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