The time/space conundrum

The Time/Space Conundrum
Time and space are phenomenon of 3rd dimensional “reality”. They don’t exist outside of this Matrix. What is 3rd dimensional reality? It is a program; a mental construct that we, as a species, created a long time ago or maybe it was more recent. It is hard to tell. If time is irrelevant, then when this happened is irrelevant.

At the core of everything is conscious energy (Spirit) and we, as individuals, are particular points of awareness (perspective) within that Spiritual consciousness we call God/Great Spirit/All That Is. It has been said that we are the human eyes and ears of God. But what does that really mean if our “physical” selves exist only within a virtual reality?

As you can see, this is getting complicated. Well, it isn’t really complicated but we make it so. We are caught in this conundrum of our own making. If this is virtual reality and we are just conscious energy, then trying to figure out how we can get back to being who and what we really are becomes an unsolvable dilemma from where we are as “physical” beings.

Why is this even important? We are vaguely aware that we are spiritual beings (as a concept) but, to some degree, we can’t fully comprehend this using our limited minds (within the limitations of this virtual reality). What we see as a world in crisis from environmental degradation, spiritual pollution and political chaos, is only an outward manifestation of our inner turmoil.

When we break it all down to the quantum level, there really is no time or space. There is only energy. What we perceive as material is just the density of slow, compact vibrations, literally made so by our perception based on our limited awareness within this virtual reality.

Is the Earth is trouble from our ignorance and greed? Probably. We are just a minuscule part of that greater awareness we call Mother Earth but it is our confusion about who and what we are that is wreaking havoc upon the overall consciousness of our host entity. The chaos and confusion of our own self-awareness is putting all life in jeopardy.

So now it becomes clearer why it is important to understand why space/time is a conundrum. It confuses our understanding of who we really are. We are responsible for all life on this planet because we dreamed it. We created all this out of our confusion about the nature of our reality. It is incumbent upon each of us to wake up from the dream; our collective nightmare.

The dream is our Matrix. It is nothing more than a computer construct, something that we were programmed from birth to believe is real. It isn’t. We have been conditioned by the constant bombardment of fear consciousness thrown at us, for who knows how long, to keep us ignorant of who we are. We are the creative awareness that causes all we witness. We are responsible for all the chaos and destruction that we see.

Woe! That is a heavy responsibility to lay on everybody, isn’t it? Yes, well, if we are capable of creating it, then we are also capable for turning this ship around. And we need to turn this ship around. How do we do that? First and foremost, we all need to understand that we are much more than our fears because it is our fears that have brought us to this juncture in our journey.

“We are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden”Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

“We are the leaders we have been waiting for.” Hopi Elders

Don’t even think about what the media want you to think about the state of the world. If you listen to them you will think the world is about to go to hell in hand basket. I doubt thinking positive thoughts will work either. We need to wake up from the mind numbing stupidity of our manufactured reality, our mindless consumer culture, and remember that we created all this by default, by not taking responsibility for creating our reality and letting others do that for us.

Are we capable of taking back that responsibility or are we too complacent, so used to being told what to think and do? This is not a drill folks. The time is now (the only time we have) to wake up and smell those roses we dreamed into existence. Can you handle that? - Cliffy
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Since Clinton deregulated the communications biz, 6 evil corporations now control most of the minds that control most of the matrix...
so I expect more poop roses topped with dead flies can be expected

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