Why is Country Music so Dispised In Ontario?

Ahh it's had a couple different titles but this one was called "Coffee Blues", I just got determined and finally figured it out

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He DaSleeper- any idea of alternate names of Misissippi John Hurts "My loving spoonful"?? I recall it being called a few different things and I can't find any of them anywheres (and I lost the only John Hurt CD I had dammit)

That guy was an awesome anti-bluesman almost- lived a fairly plain life, wrote tunes about being happy and stuff, and was a killer player to boot

Coffee Blues
Nice Shot nuggler haha
I love old country music. Not fussy for today's stuff, but I like a lot of 'alternative country', especiallly the Meat Purveyors, great hilly billy sound, a tad more modern, but still the same old theme - drinking and heart ache.

YouTube - The Meat Purveyors - Thinking About Drinking

[QUOTE=Johnnny;1139076]I dont get it, 5/6ths of the people i know here hate country. But it gets me more ****** then your rock in roll halloween music that sounds like...

Could be because it is so bad and 5/6 of the population have better taste in music.
Country music, by and large, tend to be more patriotic.'

Toronto and vicinity is more of the kind that could not care less about Canada.
Maybe it is because almost everyone mixes terms like country and western. Some country is good western on the other hand is all bad.
Kind of like calling rap rock music. It is neither.
Here is a retired farmer from New Liskeard doing some Country even one he wrote himself I believe

YouTube - Open Mike 2 in Renfrew


YouTube - Tim Hus - Canadiana Cowboy Music RumrunnerHotel amp Saloon Calgary Alberta

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Nice Shot nuggler haha

Check out this cover of Miss. John in song Coffee Blues.

Don't know of any other.

CDBaby | Lost Jim | Sings & Plays Mississippi John Hurt (external - login to view)
......OK, gaddamit. I cain't stand it no more:

D E S P I S E D..
(why do i have to be the one???)
Jeebus jumped up mary and joe, eh!!!

And it ain't. Despised, that is.

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The only instrument that is allowed plugged in in Bluegrass is the bass because not every band has room for an old doghouse.....every other instrument is miked.........

were you expecting a war over music???

I was hoping more than expecting...
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there's no wars when I'm so clearly right anyway shadow.

That's true.
i think country music is nice..as well as rock and roll..each to their own..
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YouTube - Thats Me Trying

I actually really liked this one Thanks Canuck!
Country rocks.........But bluegrass RULES

YouTube - Alecia Nugent - Hillbilly Goddess

Country music causes cancer and venereal disease.
I'm no particular fan of country music, but I really enjoyed the movie 'Crazy Heart'.
Country all the way baby, forget that inner city noise garbage....

Last time i was in TO earlier this month, i heard this techno rap noise, what the hell?
I played at a biker bar in Calgary this past weekend. We did a lot of classic rock but it was the country music that got them on the floor. Go figure.

I've been to a few places in Ontario where country music rules. Not so much in the bigger cities but in the rural areas.
stevie ray vaughn even though he is not country gets the girls on the dance floor
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YouTube - Cowboys

I think this vid sums up Country best.

YouTube - Alan Jackson - Country Boy

and some canadian Country

YouTube - Roughest Neck Around - Corb Lund

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stevie ray vaughn even though he is not country gets the girls on the dance floor

I gotta say I love stevie ray vaughn's music. Its a real pity he died so young.
The Blues cause cancer and venereal disease.
Malignant cells cause cancer. Having sex with a human infected with an STD will cause you to catch a venereal disease.

Country music and the blues will cause some folks to tap their toes, sing along and generally become happier people. Some folks, not all....

What genre of music do you prefer DB?
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Country music and the blues will cause some folks to tap their toes, sing along and generally become happier people. Some folks, not all...

Some of the blues make me blue. Same with country & western. I listen to almost anything, but I like lively stuff from the Spanish/Latin, rock, folk, and classical genres mostly.
Ontarians are just weird.

I'm kidding.
I like many different kinds of music but the last few years I have developed a distaste for most commercial stuff which I've convinced myself I've already heard thirty years ago. Even the stuff I used to love like Black Sabbath fails to turn my crank these days. Maybe I'm getting too old to care anymore. I only hear original stuff very infrequently.
I know country music dosn't cause cancer or venereal disease I meant to say hemmeroids.
lone wolf
Gee.... Here, all this time, I thought it was truck drivin'.
I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music as a whole. I like all sorts, Rock, Classic Rock, Rap, Blues, Hip Hop, R&B etc. I even like JPop, KPop, some French Pop, and yes, Country as well. I don't think Country music is despised in Ontario as a whole at all. Most likely you've met a whole bunch of people that seem to dislike that particular genre and haven't quite yet met someone who did. Of course, I'm just assuming, so please don't attack me for it (:

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