car insurance in ontario

Hi...I plan to come to Ontario for a full year in order to learn english...anyway what i want to know is how much i should expect to pay for insurance ( i have a 91 tercel)...i looked for quotes on internet and they are in fact pretty scary...i'm paying 400$ yearly in quebec and the best quote i got was 2200$...if someone could help me that would be great...thanks
im 20 and im fully licensed..I would be paying around $4000/yearly on a 96 4-door chevy go figure...
leave the car insured there
and bow your head in reverence to the almighty powers of NAFTA
Good luck bud. I'm 25, married and bought a brand new Spectra (and I have 4 star rating and driver's ed), and still pay $1,900 a year. And that was after it went down after getting married. I have the most basic form of auto insurance as well.

$400 a year in Quebec. That's insanely cheap - lucky
lone wolf
Cheap insurance in Ontario? You're joking, right? When it became mandatory, the province granted insurance companies free reign and a license to gouge. Question: Did we have a few insurance people making laws in Toronto? I'm 50, never had an at-fault accident and I can provide an abstract clean enough to eat from. I'm proud of my $400.00-a-year (without bells and whistles) rate. Keep your Quebec insurance.
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