Cost of one-stop subway could be $5.00 billion

So we have Trudeau and Wynne pouring billions into Toronto's 'traffic issues' and along with Tory this is where the money is going.

Tory doesn't want to be seen as 'going back on his word' to commit to this but I would respect him more if he said 'the costs have ballooned higher than I could have predicted so the subway is out'.

All Canadians are paying for this so all Canadians should be able to decide how this money should be spent..........

The plan had changed significantly since its inception in the previous term of council, shrinking from a three-stop extension to a single stop.

Though Tory and allies pitched that an additional light rail line could be funded amid accusations the subway was a boondoggle, the updated cost leaves that LRT line $1.4 billion short on funding, putting that promised project in limbo.

According to the new report, the subway extension is now expected to attract 2,300 new daily riders, if aligned as recommended along McCowan Ave., compared to the existing Scarborough RT, which needs to be replaced. That means the city would be paying approximately $1.45 million for every new rider to build the subway extension.

The overall updated cost is a $150 million increase over the earlier $3.2 billion estimate, and doesn’t include the cost of financing.

However, staff said in the report that because the new $3.35 billion estimate is still based on very little design work being completed at this point, the range of accuracy for that estimate is massive. The estimate, staff said, could be off by up to 50 per cent — putting the high-end estimate at $5.02 billion.

Councillors, advocates and academics
critical of the subway plan have noted the same money could serve more residents by building a network of LRT lines that would reach low-income neighbourhoods, both the Centennial College and University of Toronto Scarborough campuses, and provide local transit for which city staff has outlined demand.
Curious Cdn
Why is it a subway and not a cheaper LRT?

Who made THAT decision?
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Why is it a subway and not a cheaper LRT?

Who made THAT decision?

John Tory. He made a campaign promise to build a 'cheaper' subway/transit when he was debating Rob Fords subway plan.

But Ford's plan came in at $9 billion (which we all know would rise, but) his plan included a lot more than just a subway.

I'm not familiar with the locations of these plans but I think they dissed Ford's vision just because he was who he was. They said he couldn't get Harper and Wynne on his side for funding. I think he may have gotten Harper but he would never have gotten Wynne so Tory ran with that......

Ford is proposing to build 32 km of subway at an estimated cost of $9 billion. Around 8.2 km of his subway transit plan would actually be LRT — he wants to bury the eastern portion of the Eglinton Crosstown that would run at street level in Scarborough.

Rob Ford reveals his $9B subway-heavy transit plan | Toronto & GTA | News | Toro


The Ford Family Subway Plan (external - login to view)

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